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Annual Holiday Gift Guide
November 21, 2006, Volume 53, No. 13
Fabulous Finds for Those Fond of Facts or Fiction

The Little Book of Value Investing

The Little Book of Value Investing; Trustee and Overseer Christopher H. Browne, C ’69. Introduces readers to all the essentials of value investing, the most reliable and time-tested investment strategy. Hardcover $19.95.

Success Built

Success Built to Last: Creating a Life that Matters; Jerry Porras, Stewart Emery, Mark Thompson. Unscripted conversations with billionaires, CEOs, presidents of nations, Nobel laureates, the rich, the famous and the unknown who share how they’ve found meaning in their lives. Discover how you too can find meaning in your life and work and follow your passions. Wharton School Publishing. Hardcover $22.99.


Rebuilding Urban Places After Disaster

Rebuilding Urban Places After Disaster: Lessons from Hurricane Katrina; editors: Eugenie L. Birch, Lawrence C. Nussdorf Professor of Urban Research and Education; and Susan M. Wachter, Richard B. Worley Professor of Financial Management and professor of real estate, finance and city and regional planning. Volume focuses on making cities less vulnerable to disaster, reestablishing economic viability, responding to the permanent needs of the displaced, and recreating a sense of place. Penn Press. Paper $34.95.


More Philadelphia Murals

More Philadelphia Murals and the Stories They Tell; Jane Golden, adjunct professor in Penn Design; Robin Rice; with Natalie Pompilio; David Graham; and Jack Ramsdale. Celebrates the work of the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program and its executive director, Jane Golden. This book chronicles her work with an inspirational new program. Hardcover $35.


Moods and Modes

Moods and Modes: Rhythms and Rhyme; George Gerbner, deceased dean emeritus of the Annenberg School for Communication and professor emeritus of communication. “Poetry is the distillation of all arts. It has rhythm, it has rhyme, it sings, it paints pictures. I hope that reading my poems will give you both pleasure and renewed appreciation of Homo Sapiens’ unique gift, the power of words.” Paper $16.95.


Marketing Metrics

Marketing Metrics: 50+ Metrics Every Executive Should Master; David J. Reibstein, William Stewart Woodside Professor and Professor of Marketing at Wharton; with Paul W. Farris, University of Virginia; Neil T. Bendle, University of Minnesota; Phillip E. Pfeifer, University of Virginia. Wharton School Publishing. Hardcover $39.99.


Fight Back and Win

Fight Back and Win: My Thirty-year Fight Against Injustice–and How You Can Win Your Own Battles; Gloria Allred, CW ’63. Fifty of Ms. Allred’s most memorable cases are presented to demonstrate how it’s possible to win even in the face of staggering odds. Hardcover $25.95.


The Keep

The Keep; Jennifer Egan, C ’85. A mix of psychological suspense, unconventional romance, and eerie allegory. Hardcover $23.95.


Benjamin Franklin, Writer and Printer

Benjamin Franklin: Writer and Printer; Peter Stallybrass, Walter H. and Leonore C. Annenberg Professor in the Humanities; with James N. Green. Focuses on Franklin’s career as a printer, from his apprenticeship to his retirement in 1748, by which time he had created the largest printing business in colonial America. Hardcover $49.95.


The  University of Pennsylvania Band

The University of Pennsylvania Band (Images of America series): University of Pennsylvania Band Archives; a photographic collection of one of the first collegiate marching bands that traces the changes that occurred within the student body over the decades, including times of war and social inequality. Paper $19.99.


The Other Philadelphia Story

The Other Philadelphia Story: How Local Congregations Support Quality of Life in Urban America; Ram A. Cnaan, associate dean for research, and chair of the doctoral program in social welfare, School of Social Policy and Practice; with Stephanie C. Boddie, Charlene C. McGrew, and Jennifer Kang. Special focus is given in the book to kinds of care that often go unnoticed: volunteerism, provision of refuge, and informal assistance to community members in need. Penn Press. Cloth $69.95.


London is the Best City in America

London is the Best City in America; Laura Dave, C ’99. Author maps the struggles of two siblings over one wedding weekend as they try to come to terms with doubts about commitment, contemporary courtship and family tensions. Hardcover $24.95.



50+: Igniting a Revolution to Reinvent America; Mr. Bill Novelli, C ’63, ASC ’64. Mr. Novelli outlines the opportunities for a generation that transformed America 40 years ago to again lead efforts to change the way their children and grandchildren will live in the future. Hardcover $24.95.



Vizcaya: An American Villa and Its Makers; Witold Rybczynski, Martin and Margy Meyerson Professor of Urbanism, and Laurie Olin, Practice Professor of Landscape Architecture. Authors use a rich collection of illustrations, historic photographs, and narrative to document the creation of the Miami estate that represents an achievement of the Gilded Age. Penn Press. Cloth $34.95.


Niche Envy

Niche Envy;  Joseph Turow, Robert Lewis Shayon Professor and Associate Dean for Graduate Studies at the Annenberg School for Communication. Examine the emergence of databases as marketing tools and the implications this may have for media, advertising, and society. Hardcover $27.95.


Blues for New Orleans

Blues for New Orleans: Mardi Gras and America’s Creole Soul; Roger D. Abrahams, Hum Rosen Professor of Humanities Emeritus; with Nick Spitzer, University of New Orleans;John F. Szwed, Yale; Robert Farris Thompson, Yale. The authors argue that the return of Mardi Gras will be a powerful symbol of the region’s return to vitality and its ability to express and celebrate itself. Penn Press. Cloth $22.50.


Antiques of the Future

Antiques of the Future; Lisa Roberts, CW ’74. Helps readers to develop an eye for distinctive design and explains how they can start their own “museum-quality” collection. Hardcover $29.95.


Metropolitan Philadelphia

Metropolitan Philadelphia: Living with the Presence of the Past; Steven Conn, Gr ’94. Examine the shifting meaning of the region’s history, the utopian impulse behind its founding, the role of the region in creating the American middle class, the regional watershed, and the way art and cultural institutions have given shape to a resident identity. Penn Press. Paper $19.95.



Mixed: My Life in Black and White; Angela Nissel, C ’98. Author questions racial identity in a memoir about growing up bi-racial in West Philadelphia during the 1970s and 1980s. Paper $12.95.



The Heart of Haiti

The Heart of Haiti: Photographs by Andrea Baldeck; Portraits capture the hope, resignation, forbearance, pride, strength, and love of the inhabitants in the Artibonite Valley, who survive on subsistence farms and live with dignity in the face of deprivation and find solace in a spiritual synthesis of voudoun and Christianity. Penn Museum. Hardcover $49.95.


The Whole Grain Diet Miracle

The Whole Grain Diet Miracle; Lisa Hark, director of the Nutrition Education and Prevention Program and Darwin Deen, Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Learn the health benefits of whole grains and how to incorporate whole grains in your diet with sacrificing taste. Hardcover $24.95.


Split Baths

Spit Baths; Greg Downs, Ph.D. candidate in history. In this work of fiction, caught up in pasts both personal and epic, the characters struggle to maintain their peculiar, grounded manners in an increasingly detached world. Hardcover $24.95.


Basement Membranes: Cell and Molecular Biology

Basement Membranes: Cell and Molecular Biology; Nicholas Kefalides, Professor of Medicine and Biochemistry and Biophysics; with Jacques Borel, University of Remis. Describes the studies on ultrastructural organization and the biosynthesis of the macromolecular components. Hardcover $169.50.


The Bargaining Bride

The Bargaining Bride: How to Have the Wedding of Your Dreams Without Paying the Bills of Your Nightmares; Shirit Kronzon, lecturer in the Wharton Communication Program. Proven strategies to help you save money on the most important elements of your wedding without sacrificing the splendor of the event. Paper $12.99.


Almanac - November 21, 2006, Volume 53, No. 13