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Close at Hand: Directory of Goods and Services in University City
November 14, 2006, Volume 53, No. 12

University City District (UCD) partnered with the University City Review to publish Close at Hand, a neighborhood directory of goods and services in University City. This comprehensive, user-friendly, 68-page publication features 1,000 business and nonprofit listings. 20,000 copies of Close at Hand will be printed and distributed free of charge to residents of University City. In addition, the guide will be delivered to government officials, realtors, and hospitality groups and will be available for pick-up at many local, popular hangouts.  

“Many new families and households are moving into the neighborhood and more businesses are opening up each week. Because of the need to keep information current and easily accessible, we wanted to produce an updated and expanded version of this popular neighborhood guide as a valuable resource for all who live or work in University City,” says Lewis Wendell, UCD’s executive director.

The publication was compiled and designed by UCD and financed with support from the Connelly Foundation and through advertisements sold by the University City Review. Any provider of goods or services located in University City with a phone number and address qualified for a free listing. The publication will also be available online at www.ucityphila.org and www.pressreview.net, and will be updated frequently.  

 To receive a complimentary copy of Close at Hand, call (215) 243-0555.


Almanac - November 14, 2006, Volume 53, No. 12