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November 7, 2006, Volume 53, No. 11

Final Report of the Ad Hoc Committee on the Selection of a Vice Provost for Research

The search committee was established by Provost Ronald Daniels in July 2006 under the chairmanship of Richard Schultz, Patricia Williams Term Professor of Biology and department chair. Other members were:  Susan Davidson, Weiss Professor of Computing and Information Science and Deputy Dean, School of Engineering and Applied Science; Raquel Gur, Professor of Psychiatry; Linda McCauley, Nightingale Professor of Nursing and Associate Dean for Nursing Research, School of Nursing; Samuel Preston, Frederick J. Warren Professor of Demography; Alan Rosenquist, Professor of Neuroscience; Phillip Scott, Professor and Chair of Pathobiology and Associate Dean for Research, School of Veterinary Medicine; and Bruce Shenker, Professor and Chair of Pathology and Associate Dean for Research, School of Dental Medicine.

The position of Vice Provost for Research, which is full time, is responsible to the Provost for the development and implementation of policies and procedures that promote research excellence across the university and for the management of key elements of the research infrastructure, including grant administration and research compliance. Most importantly, the Vice Provost is expected to serve as a champion for the research enterprise of the university. The Provost also asked the committee to identify individuals who could work closely with him and the Deputy and Associate Provost on larger university strategic issues.

Accordingly, the committee sought candidates who had a strong personal record in funded research, experience in managing a larger research operation, thorough knowledge of the operations and practices of a comprehensive research-oriented university, excellent interpersonal skills, and demonstrated administrative competence.

The committee was asked to only consider candidates who were tenured University of Pennsylvania faculty members. An e-mail soliciting nominations was sent to all Penn faculty, and a notice was placed in Almanac (September 5, 2006). In addition, the committee interviewed six of the school deans and sought input via e-mail from the other six.

The committee received 15 nominations, four of which were from outside of the University. Of the 11 internal candidates nominated, two were women. The committee interviewed four of the candidates and forwarded the names of two, both men, to Provost Daniels from which he subsequently appointed Steven Fluharty, Professor of Pharmacology in the School of Veterinary Medicine and Interim Vice Provost, as Vice Provost for Research, effective November 1, 2006.

Richard Schultz, Chair

Almanac - November 7, 2006, Volume 53, No. 11