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October AT PENN
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September 26, 2006, Volume 53, No. 5


Fall Family Festival
Morris Arboretum
October 1, 2006

Fall Family Festival
Enjoy an afternoon of autumn fun at Morris Arboretum’s annual Fall Family Festival with pumpkin painting, make-your-own scarecrow, apple tasting, face painting and more! October 1, 11 a.m.-3 p.m.


Faculty Exhibit: Works on Paper
Addams Gallery
Through October 2, 2006

Faculty Exhibit


Celebrate Japan!
Penn Museum
October 7, 2006

Celebrate Japan!
Penn Museum presents Celebrate Japan! on October 7 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. This spectacular, family-friendly event features the intriguing melodies of the koto (as played by Masayo Ishigure, above, contributor to the John Williams' "Memoirs of a Geisha" soundtrack), the mesmerizing beats of Taiko drummers, a performance of traditional Japanese songs, and a demonstration of Aikido and sword techniques. The day also includes a tea ceremony; presentations on sushi preparation, flower arrangement, and calligraphy; Japanese anime (cartoons); a kimono display and dressing workshop; Japanese games; a display of traditional dolls-even a chance to experience Shiatsu massage-and more! Celebrate Japan! is FREE with Museum admission donation ($8 general admission; $5 students and seniors; free for children under 6, Museum members and PENNcard holders). Photo courtesy of Masayo Ishigure.


Fusing Chinese and Western Art, Poetry and Calligraphy
Burrison Gallery
Through October 28, 2006

Entitled "Zhouzhuang and Venice: Fusing Chinese and Western Art, Poetry and Calligraphy," this art project by Michelle Choy Sun presents the two sharply distinctive cultures of Zhouzhuang and Venice. The exhibit includes sixteen oil on canvas paintings-eight of Venice and eight of Zhouzhuang. A Zhouzhuang painting is paired with a Venice painting around eight different themes: "morning," "nighttime," "sunset," "early spring," "blossoms," "canals," "boats" and "antiquity." To incorporate Chinese and English poetry in this project, the artist composed a Chinese poem (with English translation) for four of the Zhouzhuang paintings and selected works of Western poetry to accompany four of the Venice paintings. On display at the Burrison Gallery, University Club, through October 28.


Penn Presents

The Mombasa Party featuring The Royal Drummers of Burundi
Direct from Kenya and Burundi, The Mombasa Party featuring The Royal Drummers of Burundi; October 1, 3 p.m.
Michael Trusnovec in Paul Taylor's Banquet of Vultures; multiple performances by the Paul Taylor Dance Company beginning October 19, 7:30 p.m. Paul Taylor Dance Company
Sankai Juku Sankai Juku, Japan's premier butoh dance troupe, transforms time and place with KAGEMI, Beyond the Metaphors of Mirrors. Powdered white dancers set against floating lotus-leaves and spectacular lighting create a visually stunning spectacle; October 31, 7:30 p.m.
Sizzling salsa rhythms of this Grammy-winner for Best Salsa Album of the Year, the Spanish Harlem Orchestra has a swingin' sound made up of brass, congas, timbales, bass and acoustic piano, all under the direction of salsa giant Oscar Hernandez. Spanish Harlem Orchestra
The Nobel Prize-winner's tragicomedy, Waiting For Godot, explores the meaning of life as the tramps Vladimir and Estragon—exhibiting deadpan slapstick reminiscent of Laurel and Hardy—wait by a roadside for the arrival of their mysterious guest. Multiple performances beginning October 11, 7:30 p.m.


Graduate Sculpture Seminar Exhibition
Meyerson Lower Gallery
October 9-15, 2006

Graduate Sculpture Exhibition


Music at International House

M. C. (Martin) Schmidt and Drew Daniel are the core members of Matmos, an experimental eclectronica duo from San Francisco, aided and abetted by many others, including notably J Lesser. In their recordings and live performances over the last nine years, Matmos has made music out of the sounds of objects, animals, people and actions. Performance on October 11 at 8 p.m.


Saving Faces
Esther Klein Gallery
Through October 28, 2006

Saving FacesSaving Faces

Rhonda G (pre-op, left and post-op, right).
Saving Faces
features the work of Mark Gilbert, who was artist-in-residence at the Royal London Hospital. His paintings document the transformation of patients who have undergone facial reconstructive surgery for genetic deformities, cancer or injury. The portraits - which depict patients before, during, and after their surgeries - have toured the United Kingdom and North America.


Exhibits at International House

Alan Bell
Exploring the Elements - Drawings by South African Artist Alan Bell: With the exhibition of pencil drawings is a collection of 22 pages from an illustrated book produced in the days of the Apartheid regime in South Africa. The works deal with the devastating consequences of racism on all the people - man, woman and child. On display at International House through October 9.
Judy Fowler
Uta Fellechner
Philadelphia Open Studios Tour: Judy Fowler - Sophisticated full of life color field abstract large paintings. October 7 & 8. Philadelphia Open Studios Tour: Uta Fellechner - In search of spirit, matter, and the unknown: 3D multimedia work. October 7 & 8.
Cultural Imprints
In June 2002, MYX: Multicultural Youth eXchange, a local nonprofit that uses the arts to teach diversity, took four Philadelphia students to Iceland, one of the most geographically volatile countries in the world. While working on a week-long art project, they discovered that the forces which shaped Iceland’s landscape over the centuries­ including frequent volcanic eruptions and earthquakes also played a major role in forging the national Icelandic character, namely a self-reliant people with a live-for-today mentality. MYX set out to discover what elements in Philadelphia’s landscape, have left an indelible ‘imprint’ on our city’s cultural identity. In 2005, MYX conducted print-based workshops with students from Philadelphia. The resulting exhibit, Cultural Imprints, illustrates the environmental forces that have influenced Iceland and Philadelphia - two very different cultures. On display at International House through October 9. Life in Fondwa: Daily Struggle, Eternal Hope. A recent graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, photographer Rebecca Sherman was invited to visit Haiti in March of 2006 to document life in Fondwa where endless challenges are met with practical solidarity. Through exhibition and sales of her photos, this project exposes audiences to the realities of life in rural Haiti and supports Fondwa as it aims to become a model for grassroots change. On display at International House through November 12.


Fairy Tale Rail - The Story Continues
Morris Arboretum
Through October 9, 2006

Fairy Tale Rale II
The Garden Railway is a miniature world set in the splendor of a summer garden, featuring historic buildings created entirely of natural materials, each meticulously detailed with leaves, bark, vines and twigs. The finished product is an enchanting landscape that never ceases to delight visitors both young and old.


Exhibits at the Kamin Gallery, Van Pelt-Dietrich Library

Alan Bell
Gulliver's Reading
Transforming the Book: New Artists' Books in the University of Pennsylvania Library. Through October 13, 2006. Phaedrus, Liberti Fabularum Aesopiarum, (Amsterdam, 1701) from the exhibit, Gulliver's Reading: Jonathan Swift's Library and Reading. Through December 15, 2006. Marcus Tullius Cicero. Tusculanae q[ue]stiones Marci Tullij Ciceronis nouissime. (1525) from the exhibit, Literae Humaniores: Treasures from the University of Pennsylvania Library. Through February 16, 2007.


Modern Latin Culture: Annemarie Heinrich,
Grande Dame of Argentinian Photography
Arthur Ross Gallery
Through October 15, 2006

Annemarie Heinrich
Annemarie Heinrich Photography Annemarie Heinrich Photography
Between 1930 and 1993, German-born photographer Annemarie Heinrich was the main protagonist in Argentine photography, famous for her portraits of artists and stars that epitomize the heyday of radio and the ascent of the movie industry in Argentina. Experimenting with lighting effects and double exposures, she contributed to such diverse fields as ballet, fasion, landscape, and nude photography.


Treasures…From the Silk Road to the Santa Fe Trail
Penn Museum
October 26-29, 2006

Treasures... Treasures...


Elegant and exotic works, brilliant colors and unexpected textures sure to delight! Opening preview: October 26, 4-9 p.m.; sale of items October 27-29; 11 a.m.-8 p.m. Photos courtesy of Penn Museum.

Santo Domingo Jar; Marcy Burns American Indian Art, New York City, 11-1/2 inch diameter x 11 inch high, circa 1911-1920   Tana Sachau Collection, Wittlich, Germany, Detail (resurrection) of the left wing of a triptych icon. Ethiopia, 17th Century, Tempera on panel
Treasures... Treasures... Treasures...
Tapis ceremonial tube skirt; Apsara Arts of Asia, Long Island City, NY; cotton with couched gold wrapped thread & bangles; Kauer People, Lumpang, Sumatra

Yoruba Egungun Mask; Robertson African Arts, New York

Red Ainu Robe, Miyamoto, Sag Harbor, NY.


Society for Photographic Educators
Addams Gallery, Meyerson Gallery and Fox Gallery
October 30 - November 24, 2006

Society for Photographic Educators


Connecting Cultures: Kids Across the World
Penn Museum
Through November 26, 2006

Mayan Boy Aboriginal Girl Indian Boy Ecuadorian Girl
Mayan boy at Christmas festival in Belize. Photo by Joan S. Klatchko. Charleen lives in the tropical north of Australia where Aboriginal people have inhabited the land for around 70,000 years. Photo by Joan S. Klatchko. A young boy from India holds his older brother's schoolbooks. Photo by Joan S. Klatchko. An Ecuadorean girl cradles one of her family's farm animals. Photo by Joan S. Klatchko.


Annenberg Center
Through Mid-December 15, 2006

The Annenberg School for Communication sponsors "CRISES," a multichannel installation of film, digital video and experimental multimedia to commemorate the anniversaries of 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina. The physical installation is a commentary on the media as both product and omnipresence. Created by Philadelphia artist Romy Scheroder, it consists of more than a dozen televisions bound by cargo straps and stacked in a manner not unlike that of commercial freight, and disaster relief supplies. On display through mid-December.


ICA Exhibits
Through December 17, 2006

John Armleder Fertilizers
About Nothing by John Armleder. An installation of hundreds of drawings—hung wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling—this exhibition presents an expansive and experimental view of drawing itself. Selected from private collections and from the artist's studio are works in pen and ink, watercolor, gouache, acrylic, oil, and collage on paper, as well as original books and a special edition of wallpaper created especially for the exhibition. Fertilizers: Olin/Eisenman. This exhibit continues ICA's Architecture & Design exhibition series, launched in 1999 to provide a laboratory for artists and designers to realize their ideas in a visual arts and academic environment and for ICA to explore connections between the contemporary visual arts and the extended world of design, including cutting-edge architecture.
Fables Irene Fortuyn
Fables, a group show of artists who have either fabricated personal histories, or reconsidered history through their own fanciful imaginings, in order to break free of the very conditions of historic and cultural narrative. Ramp Project: Irene Fortuyn: The installation will involve tree branches, cut during the spring and cast in bronze. Natural branching in the tree limbs will create an abstract pattern on the walls of the ramp, which will also be colored and patterned with fireplace ashes. Cool and intelligent, Fortuyn's installations, sculptures, books, public artworks, and drawings create spaces where psychological and emotional effects can be loosened, more freely associated, or contrasted.


Primal Secretions: A Günter Brus Retrospective
Through December 23, 2006

Primal Secretions
Original photographs and video documentation of past performances by Günter Brus


Trouble in Paradise: The Art of Polynesian Warfare
Penn Museum
Through December 31, 2006

Trouble in Paradise
Trouble in Paradise
Classic War Club ('u'u), Ironwood (Casuarina equisetifolia), Marquesas Islands, Object # 29-93-16, Estate of G. B. Gordon, 1927. Photo courtesy Halpern-Rogath Curatorial Seminar. Beaked Battle Hammer (totokia), Ironwood (Casuarina equisetifolia), Fiji Islands, Object # P3182A, Purchased in 1912-1913 from W. O. Oldman. Photo courtesy Halpern-Rogath Curatorial Seminar.


An Early Edition of Los Caprichos by Francisco Goya y Lucientes
Arthur Ross Gallery
Through January 7, 2007

Francisco Goya y Lucientes
Francisco Goya y Lucientes (1746-1828), Los Caprichos, Plate 75 ¿No Hay Quien Nos Desate? Can’t anyone untie us? First edition, 1799. Etching with burnished aquatint. Photo courtesy of Arthur Ross, New York City


Under European Eyes: Conquistadors and Arts of the New World
Penn Museum
Through February 26, 2007

Under European Eyes

Under European Eyes
Under European Eyes
Under European Eyes: Conquistadors and Arts of the New World features a dazzling array of more than 40 ancient native Mexican, Central and South American artifacts, selected to reveal how European conquerors arriving in the "New World" perceived of, influenced, and were influenced by the arts of their new subjects. The display was developed to complement the Philadelphia Museum of Art's major special exhibition, "Tesoros/Treasures/Tesouros: The Arts in Latin America, 1492-1820" (September 20 through December 31, 2006). Above left: Gold zoomorphic pendant set with emerald, Sitio Conte, Panama, ca. 700-900 CE. Above right: Gold headdress ornament, Ecuador, La Tolita.



meta Metasequoia
Morris Arboretum

Morris Arboretum meta Metasequoia Morris Arboretum meta Metasequoia
Nestled within the dawn redwood grove, meta Metasequoia will provide a fresh perspective of these wonderful trees. The exhibit will elevate visitors up into the tree canopy of the dawn redwoods by means of an artistic structure with stairs leading to the "basket," an open-air room whose floor is 12 feet above grade. Climbing up into the structure, nicknamed the "Grasshopper," visitors will be able to revist the childhood feeling of being in a tree house, enjoy the views and relax in unusual intimacy with these majestic trees.


Coming to the Small Screen: Ormandy & Television
Eugene Ormandy Gallery, Van Pelt-Dietrich Library

Eugene Ormandy
Drawing by Alfred Bendiner, ca. 1952. Eugene Ormandy dedicated his life to music, from the age of three, when he first picked up a violin, to shortly after his 84th birthday, when he conducted his last concert with the Philadelphia Orchestra. It is with this orchestra that Ormandy's name will forever be associated, by virtue of his serving as its Music Director for 42 years. Image courtesy of the University of Pennsylvania Architectural Archives.


A Wonderful Life: A Daughter's Tribute to a Family of Educators
Lobby, GSE

Pennsylvania Daughter

Pennsylvania Daughter by Joan Myerson.
Digital "painting" of the artist's mother as Penn student.