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Speaking Out
September 19, 2006, Volume 53, No. 4

Teach-In on War in Iraq

More than three years after the U.S. government started an unprovoked invasion of Iraq, U.S. forces continue to occupy Iraq, with devastating consequences for both Iraq and the U.S.—even though 61% of Americans and 85% of Iraqis wish to end the occupation (according to recent polls). Rather than promote an open exchange of information, this most secretive of U.S. administrations has ignored, trivialized, and demonized dissent. But the current election season gives us the opportunity to raise the Occupation of Iraq as a significant issue for serious discussion in the public sphere.

An informal group of Penn Faculty and Staff Against War on Iraq has therefore organized a campus Teach-In on the Occupation, for September 19-September 21. Each evening will offer a discussion at 6 and a film at 8.

Tonight, a panel of political scientists and historians discusses How Did We Get Into a Prolonged War in Iraq?; tomorrow’s panel is on How is Occupation Impacting the US and Iraq? and  Thursday’s panel is on How Can Concerned Citizens Respond? More info. is at http://tinyurl.com/kbzjn.

We request your support for this event. Co-sponsors, endorsers, and supporters are welcome. Please visit our website and get in touch if you would like to co-sponsor or help fund this program (contact: teach-in@ccat.sas.upenn.edu).

Most importantly, please let your students know about this opportunity.

Faith Anderson, Library
Peggy L. Curchack, Career Services
Beverly Dale, Christian Association
Ed Herman, Finance, Wharton
Sharon Hurley, Center for Sleep, SOM
Amey Hutchins, Rare Books Library
 Amy Kaplan, English
Leszek Kubin, Vet. Med.
William Lafleur, East Asian Lang. & Civ.
Andrew T. Lamas, Urban Studies
Shannon Lundeen, Alice Paul Center
Ann Elizabeth Mayer, Legal Studies
Felicity Paxton, CPCW & Women’s Studies
Jerilynn Radcliffe, Pediatrics
Michelle Richman, Romance Languages
Marilyn Silberberg, CAPS
Ellen Slack, Lippincott Library
Rogers M. Smith, Political Science
Jay C. Treat,  SAS Computing
Ingrid Waldron, Biology
and many others


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Almanac - September 19, 2006, Volume 53, No. 4