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Almanac Website: New & Improved!
September 5, 2006, Volume 53, No. 2

We’ve studied your responses to our survey last fall and have redesigned our website, www.upenn.edu/almanac. Here is Almanac’s new home page and what is available:

New Website

1 The date and current temperature in Philadelphia. Click on weather logo to get weather information for other cities.
2 Search for Almanac articles from back issues since July 1992. Use quotation marks around a phrase to narrow the search: “summer camps” yields 11 documents as compared to 853 documents for summer camps.
3 Printer-friendly version of the page—no menus, icons or other navigation items, just news-related text and images.
4 Email this page to a friend—quick and simple way to share Almanac news.
5 Express Almanac: Subscribe to receive e-mail messages with links to Breaking News, the latest issue or the AT PENN Calendar.
6 View contents of the latest Almanac issue or download and print the PDF version.
7 Read the latest AT PENN Calendar.
8 Between Issues—Archive of breaking news items that happened after publication.
9 Past Issues—issues and calendars both in HTML and PDF formats from July 1995 to the present. Searchable PDFs are now available for issues dating back to 1992.
10 Deadlines for submission to Almanac for both issue and calendar as well as guidelines on submission and Speaking Out letters.
11 Information on placing a classified ad in Almanac.
12 Link to Penn Directory.
13 Almanac staff listing with e-mail, fax, telephone, and mailing address information.
14 FAQs—frequently asked questions relating to deadlines, subscriptions, the history of Almanac, publication policies, bookmarking or making Almanac your home page, and much more.
15 Link to the University of Pennsylvania’s home page.
16 Links to some of the most wanted items from prior issues including: Academic Calendar, Crime Reports, Emergency Closings, Recognized Holidays, Salary Guidelines and Pre-web documents (now includes searchable PDFs of issues from academic years 1992-1993, 1993-1994, 1994-1995).
17 Front Page News section with links to each article from the current issue. (The latest Breaking News, such as Almanac Between Issues, will also appear in this section.)
18 Issue Highlights with links to each article.
19 Other News from current issue with links to each article.
20 Links to essential Penn specific information including: Business Services, Directories, Facilities Services, Governance, Human Resources, the Library, Mail Services, Penn Police, Penn A-Z, and U@Penn. There are also links to major, off-campus news websites including: Philadelphia Inquirer, New York Times, Washington Post, Chronicle of Higher Education, U.S. News & World Report, CNN and KYW. Want to enjoy campus life more in your spare time? The “Arts & Leisure” section contains links to many of Penn’s art galleries, the Penn Museum, the Morris Arboretum, Penn Presents, as well as Recreation and Athletics.
21 AT PENN Calendar with links to featured programs or exhibits.
22 Schedule & deadlines for upcoming issues and AT PENN Calendar.
23 Links to other helpful websites including the University-wide Emergency Plan and links to websites honoring Ben Franklin’s tercentenary.

Almanac - September 5, 2006, Volume 53, No. 2