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Speaking Out
September 5, 2006, Volume 53, No. 2

Hutchinson Pool Options?
I am writing regarding the closing of the Hutchinson Pool. Although I understand the reasons behind the closing of the pool, I am distraught that there is no free or cheap alternative. The only alternative (on campus) is to purchase the entire gym membership at Pottruck at either $370 for the year or $210 for the semester. I believe that there should be the option of purchasing pool membership only especially for those swimmers who were utilizing the Hutchinson Pool prior to its closing in May.

—Rachael Alford, Program Assistant,
Center for Urban Redevelopment Excellence

Pool at Pottruck Center
The closing of the Hutchinson Pool after 70 years of service was an extremely difficult decision but one that was necessary for user safety.

Upon closure, DRIA provided free or reduced fee options for Hutchinson pool users during the ’06 summer session which entitled the University community members access to the entire program element that the Pottruck Center offers, not just Sheerr Pool.

The membership fee associated with the Pottruck Center provides any number of healthy lifestyle exercise options for the Penn community.  The Center was structured as a fee based facility that one chooses to join. Many members to Pottruck join for very specific reasons (enjoying the benefits of 24,000 sq. ft. of fitness space, swimming in the 12-lane Olympic size pool, participating in spinning, pilates, dance, group exercise classes, or playing basketball on the Avnet Courts) and never use the entire program element offered.  Regardless of one’s exercise regime, the cost is $370.

Membership at the Pottruck Center has a number of payment options including payroll deduction and health care provider reimbursement up to $150 through Blue Cross/Blue Shield.

Additional membership information can be obtained by contacting the Penn Rec Membership Services Desk at (215) 898-6100.

—Michael J. Diorka,
Director of Recreation, Sport Programs and Services


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Almanac - September 5, 2006, Volume 53, No. 2