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School of Veterinary Medicine Teaching Awards

The Veterinary Medical Student Government Excellence in Teaching Award Ceremony was held April 26 at the Irvine Auditorium. An audience of more than 275 students, faculty and staff applauded the award recipients selected by the student body.

Patricia Sertich

Dr. Patricia Sertich, associate professor of reproduction, New Bolton Center (NBC), was awarded the Carl Norden–Pfizer Distinguished Teacher Award. Dr. Sertich is director of clinical services at the Georgia and Philip Hofmann Research Center for Animal Reproduction and is associate professor in reproduction. Dr. Sertich has special interests in equine reproduction, periparturient mares, pregnancy loss, equine embryo transfer, reproductive surgery, transported semen and mare management for optimal fertility.

James Lok

Dr. James “Sparky” Lok, professor of parasitology, received the Dean’s Award for Leadership in Basic Sciences. Dr. Lok’s particular interest is the developmental biology of filariae and other parasitic nematodes. Recently, his lab has turned its attention to the possibility that homologs of genes regulating dauer development in C. elegans, the so-called daf genes, also control development of infective parasitic nematode larvae.

David Holt

Dr. David Holt, professor of surgery, chief of Surgery Section, Clinical Studies–Phila., received the Dean’s Award for Leadership in Clinical Science. Dr. Holt’s clinical practice at the Matthew J. Ryan Veterinary Hospital is comprised of soft-tissue surgery, with special interest in vascular, endocrine and ENT cases. His research interests include hypoxic pulmonary vasoconstriction and hyperthyroidism.

Brian Palermo
Adrienne Bentley
Sarah Dukti

Jennifer Elenback
Emily Zug
Imogen Johns
Mark Rondeau
The Class of 2006 Teaching Awards were presented to Dr. Brian Palmeiro (intern); Drs. Adrienne Bentley and Sarah Dukti (surgery residents); Jennifer Elenback and Emily Zug (technicians); and Drs. Imogen Johns, lecturer, and Mark Rondeau, staff veterinarian, internal medicine (faculty). Dr. Johns has published most recently on hemangiosarcoma in young horses. Dr. Rondeau has written for professional peer-reviewed publications and is a diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (small animal).


Karen Rosenthal

Dr. Karen Rosenthal, associate professor of special species medicine and surgery, director of the Special Species Service at the Matthew J. Ryan Veterinary Hospital, and Dr. Patricia Sertich were given the Class of 2007 Faculty Teaching Awards. Dr. Rosenthal is a consulting veterinarian for the Veterinary Information Network, America Online. Her research interests include ferret endocrinology.

Robert Gilley

Dr. Robert Gilley, assistant professor of surgery, Clinical Studies–Phila., received the Class of 2008 Faculty Teaching Award. Dr. Gilley has published on the diagnostic and therapeutic applications of arthroscopy for various forelimb joint disorders. His research focuses on understanding joint pathophysiology as well as prevention and treatment of joint disease.

Peter Dodson
Billy Smith

Dr. Peter Dodson, professor of anatomy, School of Veterinary Medicine; and professor of geology, SAS; and Dr. Billy Smith, assistant professor of medicine at NBC, were presented with the Class of 2009 Faculty Teaching Awards. Dr. Dodson’s interest lies in dinosaur paleobiology and world faunas. Present projects include the Early Late Cretaceous dinosaur fauna of Egypt, and a fauna of similar age from Argentina. In 2004, Dr. Dodson examined the remains of a new species of horned dinosaur discovered in China in 2002. Dr. Smith’s clinical and research interests include lameness, reproduction, and herd health in dairy cattle.




  Almanac, Vol. 53, No. 1, July 11, 2006


July 11, 2006
Volume 53 Number 1


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