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From the President and Provost

Reappointment of Patrick Harker as Dean of Wharton

We have received the report of the Consultative Review Committee on the Reappointment of Patrick Harker as Dean of the Wharton School (Almanac February 7, 2006), and we are delighted to recommend to the Trustees at their June meeting the reappointment of Dean Harker for a second term, to run through June 30, 2012.

After a comprehensive review of his performance and the challenges and opportunities facing the Wharton School, the Consultative Committee concluded, and we concur, that Dean Harker has been an outstanding dean, energetic, strategic, motivational, creative, and strongly dedicated to academic excellence. Under Patrick Harker, the Wharton School has positioned itself as one of the very few pre-eminent schools of business in the world. Dean Harker is respected across all of the School’s constituencies and the wider University. He has strongly articulated an appropriately bold strategic vision for the Wharton School to be, and be seen as, the dominant producer of business knowledge and education in the world. He has identified the further development of Wharton’s global presence, reflecting the global character of contemporary business,  as the most important next step in fulfilling this vision.

During his first term as Dean, Patrick Harker has strengthened the Wharton School’s focus on academic excellence and faculty scholarship, and he has significantly increased the size of the School’s eminent faculty. He has also created a strong senior management team and staff within the School. In addition, Dean Harker is deeply committed to the values of the Penn Compact. Given the School’s global ambitions, he has appropriately devoted great effort to connecting with Wharton alumni around the world and spreading the word of Wharton’s leadership to business communities far and wide. In avid support of this vision, Dean Harker has been an extremely successful fundraiser, raising more money than any other business school dean in a similar period and strengthening the School’s connections to its alumni.

We are confident that Patrick Harker is the ideal person to lead the Wharton School to a position of global pre-eminence. He is ready to take on the challenges of building Wharton’s international research and educational capacities, strengthening interdisciplinary programs and cross-school collaborations within the University, and maintaining the Wharton School’s unquestioned academic eminence during a period of rapid globalization of its programs and strategic perspective. He has the strong support of the School’s faculty, staff, students, and alumni, as well as his fellow Deans and colleagues across the University—and our strong support as well. We are all fortunate, indeed, that he will accept a second term as Dean. We look forward to working with him in the years ahead to ensure that the Wharton School extends its eminence as the world’s best school of business.

Amy Gutmann, President
Ronald Daniels, Provost




  Almanac, Vol. 52, No. 33, May 9, 2006


May 9, 2006
Volume 52 Number 33


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