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Associate Provost Search Committee

Provost Ronald Daniels has announced the formation of a committee to advise on the selection of an Associate Provost. The Associate Provost, which will be a full-time position, will report directly to the Provost.

As part of the senior executive team in the Provost’s office, the Associate Provost will work closely with the Provost, Deputy Provost and others in advancing the University’s academic agenda. He/She will have primary responsibility for undergraduate and graduate Ph.D. education within the University, including the review and development of appropriate University-wide policy initiatives in these areas. The Associate Provost will chair both the Council of Undergraduate Deans, which is responsible for the coordination of undergraduate education and the undergraduate experience at Penn, and the Council of Graduate Deans, which is responsible for policy and other matters pertaining to graduate education and experience at Penn.

The Associate Provost will act as a liaison with other parts of the University as they relate to student life at Penn, in particular, with the Office of the Vice Provost for University Life. The directors of several undergraduate and graduate resource centers and groups, such as the Center for Undergraduate Research and Fellowships (CURF), College Houses and Academic Services (CHAS), and the Graduate Student Center also will report to the Associate Provost.

The members of the search committee are Vincent Price, Professor of Communication and Chair-elect of the Faculty Senate, who will serve as chair; Peter Fader, Professor of Marketing, Wharton School; Frank Goodman, Professor of Law; Grace Kao, Associate Professor of Sociology, School of Arts and Sciences; Lela Jacobsohn, Chair of GAPSA and Ph.D. Student, Annenberg School for Communication; Shiriki Kumanyika, Professor of Epidemiology, School of Medicine; Vijay Kumar, Professor and Chair of Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences; Ann Matter, Professor of Religious Studies, School of Arts and Sciences; Kathleen McCauley, Associate Professor of Cardiovascular Nursing, School of Nursing; Philip Rea, Professor of Biology, School of Arts and Sciences; and Rogers Smith, Professor and Chair of Political Science, School of Arts and Sciences. An undergraduate student is expected to be named shortly. Lorraine Petronella, Executive Assistant to the Provost, will provide staff support.

The search committee invites nominations and applications for the position of Associate Provost. A candidate must be a tenured member of the Penn faculty and have a demonstrated commitment to both undergraduate and graduate Ph.D. education policy; interest in advancing the Penn student experience; and be able to work well with students, faculty, staff, and deans. Excellent analytical and communication skills are necessary. Nominations and applications, including curriculum vitae, may be forwarded to: Chair, Associate Provost Search Committee, Office of the Provost, 122 College Hall, Philadelphia, PA 19104-6303 or submitted electronically to ljp@pobox.upenn.edu.


  Almanac, Vol. 52, No. 25, March 14, 2006


March 14, 2006
Volume 52 Number 25


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