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Report of the Provost's Ad Hoc Consultative Committee on the Appointment of a Deputy Provost

November 1, 2005

The Committee was established in early October under the chairmanship of Vincent Price, professor of communication and Chair-elect of the Faculty Senate. Members were: Peter Fader, professor of marketing, Wharton School; Frank Goodman, professor of law, Law School; Grace Kao, associate professor of sociology, School of Arts and Sciences; Shiriki Kumanyika, professor of epidemiology, School of Medicine; Vijay Kumar, professor and chair of mechanical engineering and applied mechanics, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences; Ann Matter, professor of religious studies, School of Arts and Sciences; Kathleen McCauley, associate professor of cardiovascular nursing, School of Nursing; Phillip Rea, professor of biology, School of Arts and Sciences; Rogers Smith, professor and chair of political science, School of Arts and Sciences. Linda Koons, executive assistant to the Provost, served as staff to the committee.

In convening the committee, Provost Ronald Daniels proposed that the two positions of Associate Provost and Deputy Provost be consolidated, with Associate Provost Janice Bellace assuming the position of Deputy Provost and taking responsibility for oversight of undergraduate and graduate education in addition to present duties to manage the academic personnel process at the Provost’s level and to develop and implement policies related to recruitment, retention, promotion, and compensation of faculty.  The Provost would continue as the chief planning and budgetary officer, assuming oversight of the resource centers reporting to the Provost, including among others the Penn Museum, Library, University of Pennsylvania Press, Institute of Contemporary Art, and the Annenberg Center.  An Associate Provost would not be appointed immediately, giving the Provost time to evaluate the consolidated arrangement and consider how best to delegate duties to the Provost, Deputy Provost, and Associate Provost, respectively.

The committee met twice in October, and its members conducted consultations and interviews with over 25 senior faculty and administrators across all 12 schools of the University.  The committee also interviewed Associate Provost Janice Bellace. 

Following deliberations, the committee unanimously supported the proposed short-term consolidation and appointment of Janice Bellace as Deputy Provost.  In doing so, the committee took note of the following: that Associate Provost Bellace was selected for her current position in January, 2004 from a field of over 60 nominees and following a thorough, internal and external search; that she has extensive experience with the University, having served not only as Associate Provost but also as Director of the Huntsman Program in International Studies & Business, and as Undergraduate Dean, Interim Associate Dean for Development, and Deputy Dean of the Wharton School; that the Provost must have aides with whom he can establish a close rapport; and, in particular, that committee interviews revealed considerable enthusiasm from diverse quarters of the University for Janice Bellace in this new role.

On broader issues of consolidation and the future appointment of an Associate Provost, the committee gathered and discussed a number of views and concerns, which it conveyed to the Provost along with its expressed willingness to assist in making such an appointment.

—Vincent Price, Chair


  Almanac, Vol. 52, No. 14, December 6, 2005


December 6, 2005
Volume 52 Number 14


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