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25-Year Club: New Members for 2005

Dr. Steven M. Albelda, Pulmonary/Med

Dr. H. Franklin Allen, Finance/Wharton

Dr. James C. Alwine, Cancer Biology/Med

Ms. Mary Avarbock, Animal Biology/Vet

Dr. Ellen Davidson Baer, Family and Community Health/Nursing

Dr. John L. Bassani, Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mathematics/SEAS

Dr. Haim H. Bau, Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mathematics/SEAS

Dr. Stephen M. Baylor, Physiology/Med

Dr. Jean B. Belasco, Pediatrics/Med

Dr. Andrew N. Binns, Biology/SAS

Mr. W. Warren Bittner, Operations and Maintenance/Facilities

Ms. Anna E. Bond, Undergraduate Division/Wharton

Ms. Ernestine Boone, Dermatology/Med

Dr. David B. Brownlee, History of Art/SAS

Mr. Paul Buck, Fine Arts/School of Design

Mr. Johnnie P. Bullock, Facilities/Med

Mr. Alfred E. Campbell, Environmental Services/Facilities

Ms. Tamra Carter, Graduate Admissions/Wharton

Ms. Lucille D. Caulfield, Geriatrics/Med

Mr. Alvan Allan Chaney, Biology/SAS

Dr. Linda Chen, Anesthesia/Med

Dr. Tyng-Fang Chien, Hematology and Oncology/Med

Ms. Valerie E. Cloud, Recreation and Athletics

Dr. Margaret M. Cotroneo, Nursing

Dr. Christopher B. Croke, Mathematics/SAS

Ms. Bonnie Lee Crosfield, Penn Museum

Mr. Gary C. Dandridge, Environmental Services/Facilities

Mr. Thomas G. Day, Operations and Maintenance/Facilities

Dr. Peggy B. De Prophetis, Accounting/Wharton

Ms. Patricia J. Del Vecchio, Admissions/Provost’s Center

Dr. Joseph Dirienzo, Microbiology/Dental Med 

Ms. Theresa N. Dodds, Human Resources

Ms. Genevieve R. Dolan, NBC/Vet

Mr. Steven D. Douglas, Pediatrics/Med

Ms. Linda F. Eichler, Lippincott Library/University Library

Dr. J. Eugen Eigenmann, Clinical Studies/Vet

Mr. John C. Eldred, Dynamics of Organization/SAS

Dr. Mark A. Elliott, Radiology/Med

Mr. Angelo V. Ferraro, Operations and Maintenance/Facilities

Dr. Kenneth H. Fischbeck, Neurology/Med

Mr. Daniel A. Forsyth, Penn Police/Public Safety

Dr. Francis Forwood, Orthodontics/Dental Med 

Mr. James R. Freeman, Transportation and Parking/Business Services

Ms. Lori E. Friend, Outside Managed Dining/Business Services

Ms. Virginia M. J. Garcia, Clinical Studies/Vet

Ms. Yvonne E. Giorgio, Student Financial Services/Finance

Mr. Michael L. Greve, Wharton Computing/Wharton

Dr. Michael Anthony Grippi, Medicine Central Admin./Med

Ms. Aleksandra C. Hall, Admin./Med

Dr. Daniel G. Haller, Hematology and Oncology/Med

Dr. Uri Hangorsky, Periodontics/Dental Med

Dr. Frederick M. Henretig, Pediatrics/Med

Mr. Mark J. Henry, Operations and Maintenance/Facilities

Mr. Raymond H. Holcombe, University Library

Mr. Bernard Hopkins, Penn Museum

Mr. Jeffrey W. Hudson, Admissions/Provost’s Center

Mr. Joseph A. Hypolite, Admin./Med

Dr. Dwight L. Jaggard, Electrical Engineering/SEAS

Dr. Bernett L. Johnson, Dermatology/Med

Ms. Carole F. Johnson, Widener Hospital/Vet

Dr. Howard S. Kaufold/Wharton Executive MBA/Wharton

Dr. Kenneth Kent, Oral Surgery/Dental Med

Dr. Frank Kern, Dermatology/Med

Dr. Seth F. Kreimer, Law

Dr. Robert E. Krisch, Radiation Oncology/Med

Dr. Harold L. Kundel, Radiology/Med

Dr. Virginia M.-Y.  Lee, Pathology/Med

Ms. Susan R. Lindborg, Clinical Studies/Vet

Dr. Cecilia Wen-Ya Lo, Biology/SAS

Mr. Robert E. Lundgren, University Architecture/Facilities

Dr. Joan E. Lynaugh, Family and Community Health /Nursing

Mr. Robert S. Machalica, Operations and Maintenance/Facilities

Dr. Clelia W. Mallory, Chemistry/SAS

Ms. Marietta Manigault, Operations and Maintenance/Facilities

Ms. Grace Manuel, Environmental Services/Facilities

Ms. Margaret Ann Maronski, Neurology/Med

Dr. Benson B. Martin, Clinical Studies/Vet

Dr. Carolyn A. Marvin, Annenberg School for Communications

Mr. Robert Massey, Operations and Maintenance/Facilities

Ms. Nancy McCue, Residential Living/Campus Services

Ms. Kayann B. McDonnell, Information Technology Service/Law

Ms. Karen T. McGettigan, Student Financial Services/Finance

Mr. Alec Mckay, Biology/SAS

Ms. Ellen J. McMillen, Institute for Medicine and Engineering/Med

Ms. Deborah J. Merchant, Student Health Services

Ms. Marguerite F. Miller, Almanac/President’s Center

Ms. Olympia J. Mongeluzi, Operations and Maintenance/Facilities

Ms. Habiba Najafi, Biochemistry and Biophysics/Med

Dr. Norman A. Newberg, GSE

Ms. Beverly Norman, Environmental Services/Facilities

Mr. Kelton Alonzo Norman, Environmental Services/Facilities

Mr. Gerald A. Orivivo, Operations and Maintenance/Facilities

Dr. Robert J. Orsher, Clinical Studies/Vet

Dr. Maurizio Pacifici, Histology/Dental Med 

Ms. Patricia D. Pancoast, SEAS

Mr. Thomas E. Parviskhan, Operations and Maintenance/Facilities

Dr. Jeffrey Pearlman-Storch, Periodontics/Dental Med

Ms. Phyllis N. Pompa, Admissions/Provost’s Center

Dr. Andrew Postlewaite, Economics/SAS

Ms. Lee V. Pugh, University Library

Dr. Ana L. Pujols-McKee, Admin./Med

Ms. Susan J. Quant, Administrative Information/ISC

Mr. Harish C. Rastogi, Provost’s Office/Provost’s Center

Ms. Robin Read, Academic Support Programs/Student Services

Dr. David J. Reibstein, Marketing/Wharton

Dr. Douglas Reich, Pedodontics/Dental Med

Dr. Jay Reise, Music/SAS

Mr. Gordon R. Rickards, Residential Living/Campus Services

Mr. Wm Scott Ricksecker, Student Financial Services/Finance

Ms. Martha Roche, Admin./Med

Ms. Mary Lou Rosazza, Widener Hospital/Vet

Ms. Linda L. Rosenstein, Biomedical Library/University Library

Ms. Anne Rulinski, Dermatology/Med

Mr. Jay S. Saddington, Operations and Maintenance/Facilities

Ms. Pamela J. Salsbury, Clinical Studies/Vet

Dr. David Schmittlein, Deputy Dean’s Office/Wharton

Dr. Bruce J. Shenker, Pathology/Dental Med

Ms. Theresa E. Singleton, GSE

Ms. Deborah Small-McCord, Outside Managed Dining/Business Services

Ms. Judith Ann Smith, Cancer Biology/Med

Dr. Howard McC. Snyder, Urology/Med

Ms. Mary Patricia Spann, Psychology/SAS

Ms. Elisa Spiewak, Medicine/Med

Ms. Elaine K. Spiro, Human Resources

Ms. Helen Springer, Center for Clinical Biology/Med

Mr. Paul Clinton Stevens, Operations and Maintenance/Facilities

Dr. Brian L. Strom, Biostatistics and Epidemiology/Med

Dr. Anthony R. Temple, Pediatrics/Med

Dr. Janet Theophano, CGS/SAS

Mr. Raymond Thompson, Operations and Maintenance/Facilities

Dr. Michael L. Tierney, GSE

Mr. Lawrence C. Toto, Admin./Med

Ms. Shiva Vakili, GSE

Dr. Jan Van Der Spiegel, Electrical Engineering/SEAS

Ms. Patricia M. Villa, Development & Alumni Relations

Ms. Barbara A. Weinraub, Orthopaedic Surgery/Med

Dr. Susan R. Weiss, Microbiology/Med

Mr. Cheryl M. Wilson, Admin./Med

Mr. Kurt T. Winkelman, University Library

Dr. Alan R. Wofsey, Psychiatry/Med

Dr. Michael R. Zimmerman, Anthropology/SAS

  Almanac, Vol. 52, No. 6, October 4, 2005


October 4, 2005
Volume 52 Number 6


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