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Penn’s Way 2006: Compassion in Action
October 3 through November 18

Penn's Way

Dear Colleagues:

The Penn Community is truly extraordinary and we can’t thank you enough for making last year’s campaign our most successful yet.  We raised more than $500,000 dollars!  That is more than a half a million dollars raised to lift the lives of so many within our community. Through your generosity and spirit of giving, along with the important work of both the Center for Responsible Funding (CRF) and the United Way of Southeastern Pennsylvania (UWSEPA), we’ll be able to continue to send a resounding message of hope and support to our community organizations and the vulnerable populations these agencies serve.  

It is our belief that all children, families and adults in our community should be safe, and be given an opportunity to reach their full human potential.  The numerous programs and agencies that our two partner organizations serve are able to make available a continuum of services that support individuals and families, from infants to seniors. The agencies represented in the Penn’s Way campaign are also prepared to help during emergencies; everyday emergencies and more pressing national emergencies such as the need created in the wake of Hurricane Katrina!  The support that these agencies provide would simply not be possible without the annual contributions from thoughtful, caring individuals like you. 

As in previous years, the Penn’s Way 2006 campaign involves both UWSEPA and CRF and their respective, affiliated charities. With a new standard of potential being reached last year, we have every confidence that we will again be able to harness the caring power of the Penn Community to raise $500,000.  It is well within our abilities.  Your generosity will make it a lot easier for many of our neighbors, co-workers and friends to deal with emergencies, raise healthy children and live better lives.  With the Penn Community’s Compassion In Action we will generate the power to create overwhelming change that will reverberate throughout our community.  

As if that wasn’t motivation enough, we also have a weekly raffle with many attractive prizes. Participants during the first week will be eligible for all weekly prizes! All you need to do to qualify for the prize is submit your completed pledge form.  The continued success of our Online Pledge Form makes giving even more convenient. We urge you to utilize this safe and efficient tool for doing your part.  The form employs the same online security measures that support and protect services like U@Penn and PennIntouch.  Each school and center will also have designated coordinators to assist both you and us in making the campaign a success.

Please review the materials to learn more about the campaign; and then go to www.upenn.edu/pennsway/ to complete the pledge form and view the raffle prizes for each week. You can also watch for updates on the campaign in the Almanac and the Penn’s Way Campaign web site, as we strive to reach our goal of $500,000.

We ask you, our faculty and staff, to help make The University of Pennsylvania stand out as the leader in helping people build healthier lives, stronger communities and brighter futures by using Penn’s Way as the vehicle to make a real difference.  Thank you again for your generosity and remember no pledge is too small!

Maureen S. Rush, Penn’s Way 2006 Campaign Co-Chair
Neville Strumpf, Penn’s Way 2006 Campaign Co-Chair

E-Giving: Easy, Efficient and Secure

A Message from the Penn’s Way Coordinator:

We invite you to join us in making the greatest difference possible in our region! E-Giving by logging on to www.upenn.edu/pennsway makes it easy to use Penn’s Way as the vehicle to make a real difference in the lives of those individuals and families less fortunate. E-giving is Easy, Efficient and most of all Secure! 

As a way to thank you for your participation, weekly raffles with an excellent variety of prizes will be held weekly. If you decide to participate in Week One, you will be eligible for all of the weekly prizes. Don’t miss the opportunity to win Week One’s raffle, which will include certificates for two roundtrip tickets for domestic air travel on United Airlines among others. This year’s campaign will run from October 3 through November 18, so log on to www.upenn.edu/pennsway  with your pledge early and don’t miss out on the first week’s drawings.

Week One Raffle–October 3 through October 7 (pledges must be received before 5 p.m. on October 7 to be eligible for the raffle drawing on Monday, October 10.)

• Two United Airlines Travel Certificates that can be redeemed for domestic roundtrip air travel (donated by the Penn Travel Office).

• Tony Lukes Certificates—one of three $10 certificates.

• Matthew Izzo Shop—Signature Candle Gift Set.

Thank you again for your generosity. Remember, no pledge is too small, with your Compassion In Action.

—Robert Eich, Penn’s Way 2006 Campaign Coordinator

Penn's Way Volunteer Coordinators


2006 Volunteers

Annenberg School

Julie Sheehan

Athletics and Recreation

James Mesisca, Elizabeth Griffin, Lisa Brown

Business Services

Maria Chaney, Ron Ward, Tony Bozutto, Janet Wetherill, Brian Caputo, Donna Boyko, Melissa Egner, Denise Scriven, Bryan Isola, Rachel Chandler, Pam Carr, Jared Hupp, Lorraine Murray, Laurel Grady, Michelle Ray

Center for Technology Transfer

Jackie Miraglia

Development and Alumni Relations

Bonnie Eisner, Lisa Johns

Executive Vice President

Rae Goodman


Elizabeth Dougherty, Tondalay Evans, Rose Madigan


Megan Carr, Janet Ansert, Maria Palermo, Sally Buonadonna, Yvonne Giorgio, Jeanamaire Tucker, Ellen Solvibile, Tina Nemetz

General Counsel

Marcella Schell, Esq., Tamika Wilson

Graduate School of Education

Regina Vella

School of Design

Chris Cataldo, Dana Tomlin

Human Resources

Hilary Lopez

Information Systems and Computing

Mel Benson, Doris Pate, Flossie Scalia, Kathy Ritchie, Reshma Tanna, Angela Henry, Josephine Mercer, Lorie McCullom, Margaret Smith

Law School

Silvana Burgese, Julie Colleluori


Robert Eash

Office of the Secretary

Alison McGhie

President’s Center

Afi Roberson, Carol Defries, Monica Jones, Natalie Woulard, Leslie Mellet


Linda Koons

Public Safety

Anthony Whittington

School of Arts and Sciences

Darlene A. Jackson, Maryellen Cook Malek, Monica Dalin Pallanti,  Vivian Hasiuk

School of Dental Medicine

Jerry Friel, Sue Conroy, Barbara Del Regino


Megan Doherty, Kathy Wohlschlaeger, Vukan Vuchic, Ellen Russell, Tara Betterbid

School of Medicine

Bob Dugan, Adria Piccicuto, Karen Barnes

School of Nursing

Trudi Sippola, Adam Sherr, Karen Keith-Ford, Cherry Sturdivant, Tammi Worsham, Karen Gaffney, Viveca Holmes, Deborah Womack, Beatrice Green, Patricia Adams, Alishah Ammons, David Idun, Brian McDevitt, Rachael Meade

School of Social Policy & Practice

Raynel Otero

School of Veterinary Medicine

Bruce Freedman, Trish diPietrae, Joe Nace, Anita Kolsky, Chris Ann Sorgentoni, Valerie Robinson, Janet Brooks, Kristin Gough, Cerie O’Toole,  Clair Cinguilli

University Communications

Blake Cole

University of Pennsylvania Museum

Maureen Goldsmith

Vice Provost for University Life

Lisa Payakovich, Debra Smiley-Koita, Christine Davis, Pam Edwards, Pat Ravenell, Robin Read


Claudia Quinton, Mary Lou Day


Robert Drake

International Programs

Sharon Liu

Audit and Compliance

Joyce Massott-Burnett

Morris Arboretum

Flo Freeman

Institute of Contemporary Art

Barbara Allen and Marilyn Pollick

College Houses and Academic Services

Gina Marziani

University Archives and Records

Mark Frazier Lloyd

School of Veterinary Medicine/New Bolton Center

Linda Lewis, Carol Sheets, Liz Groves, Pam Salsbury, Pat Bodek, Trish Michener, Kim Sprout, Pat Hall, Lisa DeWald, Joanne Mitchell

Annenberg Center

Jessica Anderson


  Almanac, Vol. 52, No. 5, September 27, 2005


September 27, 2005
Volume 52 Number 5


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