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In the May 24 issue, incorrect information was given for Part II of the Faculty Income Allowance Program. It should have read, “The sum of the faculty member’s age and number of years of service on the faculty at the University of Pennsylvania is equal to or greater than 75 years, the faculty member’s age is equal to or greater than 60 years but less than 69 years of age, and the faculty member has been on the faculty at least ten years.”

The amended list of Emeriti Faculty below includes some faculty who were inadvertently omitted from the prior list. New Emeriti Faculty Aron J. Katsenelinboigen and Wilfried Weber passed away after the list was compiled.

Emeriti Faculty AY 2004-2005

The following faculty members were accorded emeritus status during the 2004-05 academic year. Other faculty members have declined use of the emeritus modifier and are not listed below. We would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge all those stepping down from active service on the standing faculty for their contributions to the University.

Jane Bradley Alavi, professor of radiology, School of Medicine (’73)

Morton Botel, professor of education, GSE (’66)

William R. Brennen, associate professor of chemistry, SAS (’66)

Margaret M. Cotroneo, associate professor of psych-mental health nursing, School of Nursing (’83)

Keith R. Devries
, associate professor of classical studies, SAS (’71)

Robert J. Eckroade
, professor of laboratory of avian medicine & pathology, School of Veterinary Medicine (’76)

Hendrik Hameka
, professor of chemistry, SAS (’62)

Henry Gleitman
, professor of psychology, SAS (’64)

Lila Gleitman
, professor of psychology, SAS (’72)

Robert A. Greenstein
, associate professor of psychiatry, School of Medicine (’76)

Paul J. Honig
, professor of pediatrics and dermatology, School of Medicine (’75)

Aron J. Katsenelinboigen
, professor of operations and information management, Wharton (’78)

Robert Kohler
, professor of history and sociology of science, SAS (’73)

Gordon Levenson
, associate professor of anatomy and cell biology, School of Dental Medicine (’68)

Seymour J. Mandelbaum
, professor of city and regional planning, School of Design, (’65)

David S. Mcdevitt
, professor of anatomy, School of Veterinary Medicine (’68)

Adrian Morrison
, professor of laboratory for study of the brain in sleep, School of Veterinary Medicine (’66)

Joan Mollman
, professor of neurology, School of Medicine (’78)

Ewa Morawska
, professor of sociology, SAS (’84)

Elliott Mossman
, associate professor of Slavic languages and literature, SAS (’68)

Ellen Prince
, professor of linguistics, SAS (’74)

Joel Rosenbloom
, professor of anatomy and cell biology, School of Dental Medicine (’67)

Heinz Schleyer
, professor of surgery, School of Medicine (’70)

Wilfried Weber
, professor of pathology, School of Veterinary Medicine (’66)

Wayne Worrell
, professor of materials science and engineering, SEAS (’65)

Note: The year in parentheses is the year the professors joined the faculty ranks.

In the listing of the 2005 Emeriti Faculty of the July 12 issue, emeritus professor Heinz Schleyer should have been listed as, professor of surgery.

The following faculty were listed in error in the July 12 issue; they should not have been included in the list of Emeriti Faculty:

Sandra Theis Barnes, SAS
Phoebe Leboy, School of Dental Medicine
Edward R. Thornton, SAS
Alfred J. Rieber, SAS

  Almanac, Vol. 52, No. 2, September 6, 2005


September 6, 2005
Volume 52 Number 2


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