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Call for Volunteers for 2005-2006 Committee Service: Deadline April 15, 2005

To:       University Faculty, Penn Professional Staff Assembly, and Weekly-Paid Professional Staff Assembly Members

From:  2004-2005 University Council Committee on Committees

RE:      Volunteers Needed for Committee Service

The University Council 2004-2005 Committee on Committees invites you to nominate yourself or others for service on University Council Committees. Council committees serve as advisory bodies in shaping academic/administrative policy, in the administration of honorary degrees, and in assisting the administration of operations such as the bookstores and libraries. Please consider taking advantage of this opportunity to learn about the administrative structure of the University and have input into its decision-making.

Membership on the committees listed—except as noted—is open to faculty and staff, and we invite individuals who have previously served to volunteer again. We also encourage faculty and staff who have not previously participated to volunteer so that committees may have a mix of new ideas and experience.  Most committees are also open to students; their participation is being solicited through other channels. 

Please submit nominations by April 15, 2005, using the form to the right.

To have an idea of a particular committee’s work, you may wish to review its most recent annual report published in Almanac by visiting the University Council website at www.upenn.edu/secretary/council/committees.html.

2004-2005 University Council Committee on Committees


Chair: Ian Lustick (political science)


  • Jane Barnsteiner (nursing)
  • Gary Koretzky (pathology & laboratory medicine)
  • Dan Malamud (biochemistry dental)
  • Peter McCleary (architecture)
  • Neville Strumpf (nursing, FacultySenate Chair-elect)


  • Tony Falcone (GAPSA Vice Chair Nominations)
  • Jenna Metson (NEC Vice Chair Nominations)

PPSA: Adam Sherr (Nursing Academic Affairs, PPSA Chair-elect)

WPSA: Sylvie Beauvais (Wharton Health Care Systems, WPSA Chair)

Staff to the Council Committee on Committees: Tram T. Ng (Office of the Secretary)

Staff to the Faculty Subcommittee: Kristine Kelly (Office of the Faculty Senate)

Committees and Their Work:

Admissions and Financial Aid considers matters of undergraduate recruiting, admissions and financial aid that concern the University as a whole or those that are not the specific responsibility of individual faculties.

Bookstores considers the purposes of a University bookstore and advises the director on policies, developments and operations.

Communications has cognizance over the University’s electronic and physical communications and public relations activities.

Community Relations advises on the relationship of the University to the surrounding community.

Facilities keeps under review the planning and operation of the University’s physical plant and all associated services.

Honorary Degrees does most of its work, intensively, during the fall term; solicits recommendations for honorary degrees from faculty and students and submits nominations to the Trustees (No staff).

International Programs is advisory to the director of international programs in such areas as international student services, foreign fellowships and studies abroad, exchange programs and cooperative undertakings with foreign universities.

Libraries is advisory to the directors of libraries on policies, development and operations.

Personnel Benefits deals with the benefits programs for all University personnel. Special expertise in personnel, insurance, taxes or law is often helpful.

Pluralism advises on ways to develop and maintain a supportive atmosphere for all members of the University community.

Recreation and Intercollegiate Athletics has cognizance of all programs in recreation, intramural and club sports, and intercollegiate athletics; advises the athletic director on operations and recommends changes in policy when appropriate.

Quality of Student Life has cognizance of the conditions and rules of undergraduate and graduate student life on campus (No WPSA staff).

Safety and Security considers and recommends the means to improve safety and security on the campus.

Note: Faculty who wish to serve on the Committees on Research or Open Expression may also use the form below. Nominations will be forwarded to the appropriate Faculty Senate committee.  Please forward names and contact information to Kristine Kelly, Faculty Senate Office, Box 12 College Hall/6303, tel. (215) 898-6943; fax (215) 898-0974 or e-mail at kellyke@pobox.upenn.edu.

Please respond by April 15, 2005.

For Faculty volunteers, mail the form below to: Kristine Kelly, Faculty Senate Office, Box 12 College Hall/6303, tel. (215) 898-6943; fax (215) 898-0974 or e-mail at kellyke@pobox.upenn.edu.

For Penn Professional Staff Assembly volunteers, mail to Adam Sherr, Nursing Academic Affairs, 460 NEB/6096, tel. (215) 898-6687; or e-mail at ppsa@pobox.upenn.edu.

For Weekly-paid Professional Staff Assembly volunteers, mail to Sylvie Beauvais, Health Care Systems, 108 CPC/6218, tel. (215) 898-4268; fax (215) 573-7025 or e-mail at beauvais@wharton.upenn.edu.

Committee(s) of interest:  


Title or Position: 


Campus Address (including mail code):

Campus Phone: 


Please specify if you think that you are especially qualified for or interested in serving on a particular committee.



  Almanac, Vol. 51, No. 27, April 5, 2005


April 5, 2005
Volume 51 Number 27


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