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MLK Community Involvement Awards

On January 20, the tenth annual Interfaith Commemoration of the Life of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., took place in Bodek Lounge at Houston Hall, with a keynote address, musical performances, and the presentation of the Community Involvement Awards.


Keynote speaker Rabbi David Saperstein, with awardees: John Fantuzzo, Lee Ann Draud, Cora Ingrum, Lindsey Powers, Lee Tolbert, joined by Director of Community Relations Glenn Bryan.

For the past 14 years, Lee Ann Draudhas been meal coordinator for the University City Hospitality Coalition (UCHC), an all-volunteer community organization founded in 1984 by a coalition of Penn and Drexel students and clergy and residents of University City to serve disenfranchised persons in West Philadelphia . While maintaining a full-time job, Ms. Draud has been the driving force of the UCHC, which provides approximately 2,000 meals per month to its clients. Besides ordering, buying and picking up donated food, she plans each day’s meals and transports food from storage to the meal site, organizes preparation of the meals, oversees volunteers, and keeps all the necessary records. She also assists actively with the legal and medical service aspects of UCHC’s work, communicating with the heads of legal, dental and medical clinics to provide clients with information about clinic services.

Dr. John Fantuzzo is the creator and driving force behind the Spruce Mentors Program, a living-learning program in Spruce College House involving more than 30 residents, as well as faculty in GSE and administrators and students in local schools. Spruce Mentors is about more than just tutoring; by mentoring students in local schools, Penn students create relationships that foster community and allow everyone involved to see new possibilities. A professor in GSE, he has worked with Head Start, examining the impact of domestic violence on children’s development and learning. His research focuses on school- and community-based strategies for low-income children in high-risk urban settings. He has worked extensively with the School District of Philadelphia ’s early childhood education programs, in both research and service capacities.

Lindsey Powers, a student in GSE, has been instrumental in the development of the Volunteer Community Outreach Program for the University’s Center for Hispanic Excellence, La Casa Latina. She has recruited volunteers from inside and outside Penn to mentor high school students of diverse cultural and social backgrounds. She has created an introductory college workshop for Latino youth. She also spent last summer in the southwestern Dominican Republic helping to develop literacy materials for Haitian immigrants.

In 1987, Lee Tolbert,who retired after 25 years’ service in the military and as a Federal employee, founded the West Philadelphia Coalition of Neighborhoods and Businesses. Since 1988, he has been President of the Coalition. In that role, he has taken the lead in developing this non-profit, community-based group from an initial membership of ten to its current membership of over 125 community-based businesses, churches and community organizations. He has secured funding for operations and implementation of projects including recreation, after-school programs, and a crime and safety initiative that includes a large town-watch component. Under his leadership, the Coalition has also implemented programs aimed at preventing HIV infection, reducing infant mortality, and other health-related improvements in West Philadelphia. He has supported educational reform and advocated for the involvement of parents and other community members in this process.

MLK Community Education Award
In Honor of Dr. Judith Rodin

For outstanding contributions to the advancement of education and educational opportunities in West Philadelphia.

For more than 30 years,Cora Ingrum has instituted programs, provided tutors, and otherwise supported minority undergraduate and graduate students in SEAS. She has also started and run many programs for middle school and high school minority students to expose them to engineering, math and science. She is co-founder of the Pre-Freshman Program at Penn and of the National Association of Minority Engineering Program Administrators, and represents the University in numerous national organizations dedicated to creating a level playing field for minority students in math, science and engineering fields, from K-12 through secondary and post-secondary levels. Ms. Ingrum is also responsible for SEAS receiving several tuition grants for students of color, including a grant from NASA and four grants from Microsoft.

SBE Advisory Committee: Dr. Harkavy

Dr. Ira Harkavy, associate vice president and director of the Center for Community Partnerships, has been selected to serve on the Advisory Committee for the Social Behavioral and Economic Sciences (SBE) Directorate of the National Science Foundation. The length of his term will be three years beginning in the spring.

Genomics Seed Grant Awards

The Penn Genomics Institute (PGI) announced the following recipients of the Fall 2004 seed grant awards. Refer to the Institute’s homepage at www.genomics.upenn.edu/ for information on future seed grant announcements.

Frederic D. Bushman (Microbiology/SoM) In Silico Analysis of Retroviral Integration

Michael Hippler (Biology/SAS) Integrating Genomic Data Mining and Quantitative Proteomics

Max B. Kelz (Anesthesia/SoM) Orexins, Arousal, and Inhaled Anesthetics: Development of a Novel and Universally Applicable Method for Cloning and Amplifying RNAs from Fixed, Archival Specimens

College Scholarship Hall of Fame: Mr. Schilling and Mr. Dickson

Mr. William Schilling, director of Student Financial Aid and the late Douglas R. Dickson, the former director of Financial Aid, were recently inducted into the College Scholarship Service (CSS) Hall of Fame. The were inducted, according to the College Board for their “significant and lasting contributions to the principles of access and equity for all students that underpin both the CSS and College Board mission to connect students to college success and opportunity.”



  Almanac, Vol. 51, No. 18, January 25, 2005


January 25, 2005
Volume 51 Number 18


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