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New Online Directory

Previewing and Editing Your New Listing:
January 31-February 6

Penn’s new Online Directory, featuring new capabilities and privacy options, will be launched next week. The first phase of the launch will be a week-long preview period, from January 31 through February 6. During this time, faculty, staff, and students will have access to their Directory profiles, where they can review and edit their new listings before the new Directory is generally available for searching. The new Online Directory will replace the current Directory on February 7.

I encourage everyone to preview and update their information during the preview period to ensure that their new listings are useful and accurate. As much information as possible has been moved from the current Online Directory to the new one; however, the complexity of the migration and the implementation of new features and requirements means that new and old listings may not be identical.

The addition of new data fields combined with new privacy features allows for the creation of richer listings and significant customization. For example, nicknames and multiple phone numbers, addresses, and affiliations can be added and selected for display. The Online Directory has links to other systems, such as U@Penn and Penn InTouch, so certain information from those systems is available for display in Directory listings as well. Students, for example, can opt to display their PennCard photos.

Importantly, individuals can choose which information will be shown to members of the Penn community who log in (Penn View), and which information will be shown to the Internet public (Public View). Faculty and staff choices, however, are subject to new minimum requirements specifying the types of information they are obligated to show in each view. The listing requirements were published in the December 14, 2004, issue of Almanac and are reprinted in the sidebar at right.

Privacy settings from the current Online Directory have been carried over wherever possible for faculty, staff, and student listings in the new Online Directory. However, the new minimum listing requirements for faculty and staff dictate that some University contact information marked “private” in the current Online Directory will display in the new Penn View; this information will remain hidden in the Public View unless an individual actively selects it for display. University contact information for faculty and staff that was not marked “private” in the current Online Directory is set to display in both views.

Faculty and staff with compelling privacy or security concerns may petition the Office of Audit, Compliance, and Privacy to have their Directory listings concealed. Contact privacy@pobox.upenn.edu or (215) 573-3348. Students can conceal their listings themselves from within the Directory application.

The new Online Directory has been designed to balance the privacy needs of individuals with the operational needs of the University. The availability of many new data fields, combined with greater control over the release of personal information, enables all of us to show detailed contact information to the University while limiting what the public can see. Again, I urge you to check your listing during the preview period. In the meantime, please address any questions to new_online_directory@isc.upenn.edu.

—Robin Beck, Vice President, Information Systems & Computing

Minimum Requirements for Faculty and Staff Listings in the New Online Directory

In the Penn View, the minimum required information for faculty and staff is:

•  Name

•  School or organization

•  Affiliation (faculty or staff)

•  Title (professor, director, etc.)

•  Campus mailing address, campus phone number & campus e-mail address.


1. Individuals who have not been assigned a University e-mail address, phone, or office are not required to include that information in their listings.

2. A campus organization’s address, phone, and e-mail may be listed in lieu of direct contact information.

In the Public View, the minimum required information is:

•  Name

•  Affiliation

Aside from the required information, faculty and staff will be able to add, delete, and change data in additional fields to provide a user-tailored listing in the Penn View and Public View.

How Updating Works

On January 31, the Penn Web Directories page at www.upenn.edu/directories will be updated with a link to personal profiles in the new Online Directory, where updating occurs. You’ll need to log in with your PennKey and password and agree to usage terms before proceeding to your own profile.

A University notification e-mail with updating tips will be sent out at the start of the preview period. Here, in brief, are the main steps:

•  Review and edit the information in your Penn Profile, which is the foundation for Directory listings. You can correct the existing information or add new information, such as additional telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, and annotations.

•  Select which information you want to display in the Penn View, which is available to authorized users (primarily current faculty, staff, and students). You don’t need to select every item in your profile for display, but there are minimum listing requirements for faculty and staff (see above).

•  Switch to your Public Profile and choose which information you want to display to the public in the Public View (again, there are minimum requirements for faculty and staff). Keep in mind that for the Public View, you can only choose from the set of information you’ve already selected for display in the Penn View.

Updates made in the new Online Directory will not display in the current Online Directory.



  Almanac, Vol. 51, No. 18, January 25, 2005


January 25, 2005
Volume 51 Number 18


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