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EHRS New Initiatives

Training: Occupational Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens for Intercollegiate Athletics & Recreation Staff;  To comply with OSHA's Occupational Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens Standard, Athletics and Recreation staff that have the potential for exposure to human blood and body fluids must be trained annually. A new online training program is available on the EHRS website (www.ehrs.upenn.edu/training/bbpathletics/1_welcome.htm). Managers should contact Susan Souder (susouder@ehrs.upenn.edu), EHRS Senior Biosafety Officer, for assistance with completion of an Exposure Control Plan for their areas.

New Chemical Waste Tags: EHRS has simplified Penn's chemical waste labeling procedures. The multi-colored hang tags have been eliminated and replaced with a single green label/hang tag. The new label can be used as a sticker or as a hang tag. One label should be used for each waste container. For 19-liter carboys please affix the label to the handle using the metal twist ties. For other sized containers the label can be affixed by peeling off the backing or by using the metal twist ties. Labels must be completely filled out or EHRS staff cannot collect your waste. Detailed instructions are now included on the back side of the waste label. To request waste tags or a chemical waste pickup, submit an online request at www.ehrs.upenn.edu/chemwaste.

Purchasing: Biosafety Cabinets (Tissue Culture Hoods): Contact an EHRS Biosafety Officer (biohazreg@ehrs.upenn.edu) for assistance in selecting the correct biological safety cabinet for your research application and laboratory design before placing the order. A Biosafety Officer will help you evaluate your needs as well as ensure that the cabinet is installed properly in an appropriate location and certified before use. 

Biosafety cabinets must be de-contaminated prior to moving and certified at least annually and after they are moved. If you have an existing biosafety cabinet that needs certification or if you intend to relocate a biosafety cabinet, contact EHRS at (215) 898-4453 or by e-mail biohazreg@ehrs.upenn.edu.

EHRS strongly discourages the use of laminar flow clean benches in biomedical research laboratories. Consult section IV.B.1 of the University's Biological Safety Manual, www.ehrs.upenn.edu/programs/bio/bio_manual.html, and the EHRS website, www.ehrs.upenn.edu/programs/bio/cleanbench.html for more details.

Radioactive Material Purchase Approval: Earlier this month, the RAM Purchases and Order Approval section of the EHRS web page changed.    

There are 4 selections:

Requisitions is the ordering and approval section and replaced the current system.

• Inventory/Disposal allows you to track your radioactive material receipts, use, and disposal on line.

Training allows you to view a list of your licensed workers and check the status of their radiation safety training.

PI's Permit Limits allows you to view your radioactive material license.

As you navigate the site, click on the ?for links to look-up tables. If you need help, please visit our lab in 421 Anatomy Chemistry, between 2-3 p.m. Monday through Friday and our staff will walk you through the process, or contact Eileen Normoyle at normoyle@ehrs.upenn.edu.  


Penn Logo Safety Eyewear: In an effort to improve compliance and fashion in the laboratory, EHRS has partnered with Fisher Safety to produce the UVEX Genesis® safety glasses with the Penn logo. The UVEX Genesis® provides excellent clarity and improved fit, style and comfort. They are available from Fisher Safety under part #NC9202876 ($5.95). Fisher Safety offers replacement lenses available in a broad selection of tints and coatings that prevent scratching and fogging.



  Almanac, Vol. 51, No. 13, November 23, 2004


November 23, 2004
Volume 51 Number 13


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