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Agenda for University Council Meeting

Wednesday, November 3, 2004,  4 to 6 p.m.
Bodek Lounge, Houston Hall


Approval of the Minutes of September 29, 2004. (2 minutes)



Follow-up comments or questions on Status Reports. (5 minutes)



Final Report of the 2003-04 Committee on Recreation and Intercollegiate Athletics.  (Presentation 2 minutes; Discussion 8 minutes)



Extended reports by the president, provost and other administrators on the state of the University.  (Presentation 60 minutes; Discussion 20 minutes)


V. Open Forum. To place an item on the agenda for the next Open Forum, submit it to the Steering Committee Chair at cmooney@law.upenn.edu by November 10, 2004.

A) Teaching Evaluation Report. (15 minutes)



Adjournment by 6 p.m.



COUNCIL 2003-2004 Year-end Committee Report

Recreation and Intercollegiate Athletics

Scheduled for Discussion at Council on November 3, 2004

During the 2003?]2004 academic year the University Council Committee on Recreation and Intercollegiate Athletics (CRIA) met four times with the Director and the appropriate Associate/Assistant Directors of the Division of Recreation and Intercollegiate Athletics (DRIA) for discussions on committee charges.

Investigate ways to alleviate pressure from coaches and fellow teammates not to undertake certain programs (e.g. study abroad) which are in the student's best interest but not necessarily that of the team.  CRIA met with the Director of Athletics on this issue and the general conclusion was that Mr. Bilsky would discuss this issue at his next meeting with the coaches. It was felt that this issue is not widespread and this would be the most effective way to handle it.

Examine funding for intramural sports. Several years ago the Student Activities Council decreased Sports Club Council budget by over 20 percent. The loss of support necessitated an increase in dues and additional unexpected costs to club sport athletes. In an effort to preserve and strengthen club sports at Penn, UA had advocated a plan that would ensure a consistent amount of annual funding for club sports by asking that DRIA assume a portion of the financial support for club sports. The Committee would like to note that DRIA currently supports Sports Clubs by assimilating them, at no cost, into facility scheduling at Pottruck and Hutchinson Gym. Sports Club members also have the opportunity to use DRIA facilities to teach instructional classes and thus earn additional dollars to support their club budgets.

The club sports program provides a meaningful and worthwhile athletic experience for over 1,000 students each year. However, sport clubs are student organizations and should be funded like other student activity groups and not through DRIA. A similar argument could be made that performing arts groups should be supported by the Annenberg Center. The Committee believes that the issue of funding for sports clubs has been resolved.

Condition of the Athletic Playing Fields.  An Undergraduate Assembly representative brought an additional agenda item concerning the poor condition of the University's intramural/recreation playing fields. Mr. David Bryan, DRIA, Director of Operations for Athletic Facilities, attended a meeting and discussed this issue with the Committee. The loss of Hill Field as a recreational field has greatly impacted the condition of the only remaining field, Bower Field.  It is now in almost constant use from 3-10 p.m. weekdays and all day on Saturday and Sunday.  DRIA recognized there was a problem and had engaged a consultant from Pennsylvania State University to provide recommendations for the care of its fields. Currently the Facilities Department and a private contractor maintain the fields.  CRIA realizes that it is a liability to play on unsafe fields and funds need to be committed to allow a much-needed plan to be followed and maintained properly. Implementation of recommendations will be best achieved if they are coordinated by DRIA and implemented by Facilities and the contractor. Individuals within the Facilities Department who will care for the athletics fields should be designated and then trained in their care and maintenance. Currently they are rotated in and out. The contractor's personnel should undergo similar training to recognize and manage problems that are specific to athletic fields.

2003-2004 Committee Members

Chair: Edward T. Lally (path/dental); Faculty: Karen Buhler-Wilkerson (nursing), Steven Galetta (neurol/med), Richard Hodinka (pediatrics), Edward T. Lally (path/dental), Bill McCool (nurs), Warren Seider (chemical engr), Camillo Taylor (computer & info sci), Craig Thompson (hemat-oncol/med); Graduate students: Sara Shikhman (Law), Anne Tiao (GSE); Undergraduate students: Ryan Gilman (COL'06), Sean Lambert (EAS'05); PPSA: Beth Hagovsky (Wharton Ugrad), Jim Riley (Clinical Epidemiology); WPSA: Tim Fahey (Admissions); Ex officio: Steve Bilsky (dir, rec & intercollegiate athletics), James Gardner (representative, president's office), Raymond Pace (vice provost University life designee).



  Almanac, Vol. 51, No. 10, November 2, 2004


November 2, 2004
Volume 51 Number 10


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