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In the most recent cycle, spring 2004, of Penn's internally-funded University Research Foundation, and URF Conference Support (noted with *), the Office of the Vice Provost for Research has announced awards to the following members of the faculty for the projects listed below.

The deadline for the fall Research Foundation proposals is November 1, 2004.

University Research Foundation Awards Spring 2004 &
URF Conference Support Awards Spring 2004

Sandra R. Bates-Kenney, Institute for Environmental Medicine, School of Medicine; ABCA1 and Lung Lipid Turnover

George Biros, Department of Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics, SEAS; High-Speed Camera for Validation of Computational Algorithms for Simulation and Optimization

Dorothy Cimino Brown, Clinical Studies-Philadelphia, School of Veterinary Medicine; Positron Emission Tomography of the Brain's Response to Osteoarthritis Pain and Acupuncture Treatment in a Canine Model

Edward C. Cooper, Department of Neurology, School of Medicine; Mechanisms of KCNQ Potassium Channel Sorting to the Axon Initial Segment

Mirjam Cvetic, Department of Physics and Astronomy, SAS; Gravitational and Particle Physics from String and M-theory

Janet Deatrick, Family and Community Health Division, School of Nursing; Research Symposium: Global and Ethical Mandates on Reducing Health Care Disparities*

Horace M. DeLisser, Department of Medicine, School of Medicine; PECAM-1 in Lung Alveolization

Annette Fierro, Department of Architecture, School of Design; Archigram to Hi-Tech: A Psycho-Geographical Guide to Technological London, Now

J. Kevin Foskett, Department of Physiology, School of Medicine; Construction of Drosophila Genome-wide dsRNA Library

Harvey Friedman, Division of Infectious Diseases, School of Medicine; Herpesviruses Symposium*

Nili Gold, Department of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, SAS; International Conference on the Life and Literary Works of Israeli Novelist Amos Oz, October 17-20, 2004*

Joel H. Greenberg, Department of Neurology, School of Medicine; A Portable Device to Monitor Cerebral Blood Flow, Oxygen Saturation and Oxygen Metabolism in Patients

Peter W. Groeneveld, Department of Medicine, School of Medicine; Healthcare Technology Diffusion in the Veterans Health Administration:Implications for Efficiency and Equity

Michael Hippler, Department of Biology, SAS; Functional Proteomics to Dissect Iron Homeostasis in the Chlorplast of Chlamydomonas Reinhardtii

Lorin M. Hitt, Department of Operations and Information Management, The Wharton School; The Economics of Information Technology and Product Variety

William C. Holmes and Jane L. Givens, Departments of Medicine & Epidemiology, School of Medicine; Is Stigma a Barrier to Depression Treatment Among African-Americans?

Kathryn M. Howard, Language in Education Division, Graduate School of Education; Socializing Respect in Urban and Rural Schools in Northern Thailand

Kristen M. Huang, Department of Opthalmology, School of Medicine; Characterization of the Nhs Gene Product in Mice

Jimmy W. Huh, Department of Pediatric Critical Care, CHOP, School of Medicine; Calpain Inhibitor Therapy for the Traumatically Injured Immature Rat Brain

Amishi Jha, Department of Psychology, SAS; FMRI and ERP Investigations of Attention's Role in Working Memory

A.T. Charlie Johnson and Dawn Bonnell, Department of Physics and Astronomy, SAS; Mask Aligner and Wire Bonder for Fabrication of Micro- and Nano-scale Systems

Cristle Collins Judd, Department of Music, SAS; Subvention for CD recording "Music from Mid-16th Century Venice: Gioseffo Zarlino's Canticum"

Hans-Peter Kohler, Department of Sociology, SAS; Information, Incentives and HIV/AIDS Prevention

Paul Korshin, Department of English, SAS; The Modernity of Samuel Johnson

Henrika Kuklick, Department of History & Sociology of Science, SAS; Interdisciplinary Group in the History of the Human Sciences

Joshua H. Lipschutz, Department of Medicine, School of Medicine; The Exocyst Complex in Kidney Formation

Heather Love, Department of English, SAS; Book Project: "Feeling Backward: Affect, Aesthetics, and the Making of Queer History"

John P. Lynch, Department of Gastroenterology, School of Medicine; Role of the Homeodomain Transcription Factors Cdx1 and Cdx2 in Murine Carcinogenesis

Catriona MacLeod, Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures, SAS; International Conference of the Elective Affinities (September 23-27, 2005)*

Susan Margulies, Department of Bioengineering, SEAS; Functional and Histopathological Correlates in Porcine Brain Injury

Randall F. Mason, Department of Historic Preservation/Architecture, School of Design; Visual and Archival Research for "Memory Infrastruture: Origins of Historic Preservation in Modern New York, 1890-1920"

Michael May, Department of Animal Biology, School of Veterinary Medicine; Determining the Function of a Novel Domain in IKK-beta

Kevin Meyers, Ann Salerno, Meryl Cohen, Emile Mohler and Mary Leonard, Department of Pediatric Nephrology, School of Medicine; A Pilot and Feasibility Study of Vascular Function in Children Post Kidney Transplant

John M. Murray, Department of Cell & Developmental Biology, School of Medicine; How to Build a Parasite?

Irving Nachamkin, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, School of Medicine; Rabbit Model of Campylobacter-induced Guillain-Barre Syndrome

Christian Lee Novetzke, Department of South Asia Studies, SAS; A Found Family of Saints

Laura L. Peoples, Department of Psychology, SAS; Conditioned Inhibition of Drug Seeking

Holly Pittman, Department of History of Art, SAS; Third Season of Excavations (2005) at the Sites of Konar Sandal B and Konar Sandal A in the Region of Jiroft in the Kerman Province of Iran

Kevin M. F. Platt, Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures, SAS; Publication Subvention for: "Epic Revisionism: Tsarist History and Literature as Stalinist Propaganda."

Mechtild Pohlschroder, Department of Biology, SAS; Herologous Protein Production via the Twin Arginine Translocation Pathway of Streptomyces Coelicor

Jean-Michel Rabaté, Department of English, SAS; International Conference: Anastasi's Pataphysical Society

Benhoush Rashedi, Department of Restorative Dentistry, School of Dental Medicine; Learning Styles and Computer Literacy of Dental Students Worldwide

Ravinder Reddy, Department of Radiology, School of Medicine; MRI Evaluation of Disc Degeneration in an Animal Model

Rahim R. Rizi, Department of Radiology, School of Medicine; Regional Perfusion of Lung with Polarized Carbon-13

James M. Schuster, Department of Neurosurgery, School of Medicine; Mechanisms of Prostate Cancer Metastasis to Bone

Maurice E. Schweitzer, Department of Operations and Information Management, The Wharton School; Too Good to Trust: The Influence of Envy on Affective and Cognitive Trust

Henry Shuman, Department of Physiology, School of Medicine; ABCA3 Knock Out Mice

Larry Silver, Department of History of Art, SAS; Book with University of Pennsylvania Press "Cultural Selection: The Rise of Visual Genres in the Antwerp Print Market"

Tatyana Svitkina, Department of Biology, SAS; Formation of the Contractile Actin Cytoskeleton Machinery in Motile Cells

Rebecca S. Syring, Department of Clinical Studies-Philadelphia, School of Veterinary Medicine; Effect of Cyclical Lung Recruitment and PaO2 Oscillations on Multiple Organ Dysfunction

J. Paul Taylor, Department of Neurology, School of Medicine; Monitoring the Ubiquitin-proteasome System in Vivo

Barbara J. Turner, Department of Medicine, School of Medicine; Computer-based HIV Prevention Intervention in Ghana: A Pilot Study

Ilya Vinitsky, Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures, SAS; Visions of Capital Punishment in 19th and Early 20th Century Russian Literature

Stella L. Volpe, Division of Biobehavioral and Health Sciences, School of Nursing; Changing Cafeteria Portion Sizes to Prevent Weight Gain



Almanac, Vol. 51, No. 8, October 19, 2004


October 19, 2004
Volume 51 Number 8


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