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Wharton Teaching Awards 2004

The Wharton School has announced their 2003-2004 Teaching Awards.

Graduate Division Teaching Awards

Helen Kardon Moss Anvil Award:

S. Nicholson

Dr. Sean Nicholson,  assistant professor of health care systems, is this year's recipient of this award for excellence in teaching which is given to one faculty member "who has exemplified outstanding teaching quality during the last year" and is elected by the MBA student body. The winner is determined using a weighted-average number of votes that takes into consideration the number of students he or she has taught in the past year. In addition to receiving a cash award, the recipient is also recognized at Spring Salute and graduation. The 2003-2004 academic year marks the 23rd award season. Dr. Nicholson's research focuses on health care, health economics, biotech and pharmaceutical industries, and physician learning. His current projects include deal values between biotech and pharmaceutical companies, and determinants of innovation in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries.

Class of 1984 Teaching Award:

N. Siggelkow

Dr. Nicolaj Siggelkow, assistant professor of management, has been given this award which is presented by the Wharton Graduate Association to the faculty member with the highest overall rating, calculated from the student course evaluations. Dr. Siggelkow's research focuses on competitive strategy, evolution of fit, and firms as systems of interconnected choices. His current projects include studying the effects of focus on performance and growth in the mutual fund industry, longitudinal studies of firms' strategies and growth trajectories, and organizational design for interdependent decision problems.



Undergraduate Teaching Awards

The David W. Hauck Award for Outstanding Teaching:

This award is the most prestigious in Wharton's Undergraduate Division, given to recipients for their ability to lead, stimulate and challenge students, knowledge of the latest research in the field, and the commitment to educational leadership. The two recipients this year are:

R. Aron

Dr. Ravi Aron, assistant professor  of operations and information management. Dr. Aron's research focuses on electronic commerce, pricing of information rich products, electronic retailing, product complexity, customization and price discrimination enabled by IT-based inference mechanisms, and efficiencies of the electronic auction markets. His current projects include analysis of search engines' recall and precision on price dispersion in electronic markets.




N. Souleles

Dr. Nicholas S. Souleles, associate professor of finance. His research focuses on applied econometrics, finance, macroeconomics, household consumption, saving, and investments. His current projects include consumer credit, bankruptcy and default, credit cards, securitization and portfolio analysis.






The Marc & Sheri Rapaport Core Teaching Award:

P. Nichols

The award is to recognize teaching excellence in the undergraduate core. The Award is based on course evaluation ratings from undergraduate students. The 2004 recipient is:

Dr. Philip M. Nichols, associate professor of legal studies. Dr. Nichols' research focuses on international trade and investment, and emerging economies. His current projects include being Vice-Chair of the United Nations Committee on Electronic Commerce and Trade Facilitation Law Group.

As in the past, Wharton recognizes many distinguished faculty for Excellence in Teaching for core classes in the Graduate, Undergraduate, Wharton Executive Education, and Wharton Evening Programs. All awards will be documented on faculty pages on Wharton’s website.



  Almanac, Vol. 50, No. 32, May 4, 2004