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Honors & Other Things

Dr. Litt: Dreifuss-Penry Award
Dr. Brian Litt, assistant professor of neurology and bioengineering and director of the EEG Laboratory at HUP, has been chosen as the winner of the 2003 American Academy of Neurology's Dreifuss-Penry Award for epilepsy research. Dr. Litt's research helps demonstrate that epileptic seizures do not begin abruptly but build over minutes to hours before triggering a clinical seizure. While the seizures build they go through a series of steps that can be detected by analyzing the EEG recorded from electrodes implanted in the brain.

Dr. Coughlin: Basic Research Award
Dr. Christina M. Coughlin, a research fellow at the Abramson Family Cancer Research Institute, has received the Fellow Basic Research award for 2003 from the Society for Pediatric Research. Dr. Coughlin was chosen for her work in showing that modified immune cells can efficiently deliver genetic material to stimulate a desirable immune response. Dr. Coughlin conducts research in the laboratory of Dr. Robert H. Vonderheide, at the Abramson Family Cancer Research Institute. She is also a pediatric hematology-oncology fellow at CHOP. "This award recognizes Dr. Coughlin's leadership at the national level and the beneficiaries of this work and children with cancer," said Dr. Vonderheide. The Society for Pediatric Research encourages young investigators to engage in research that is of benefit to children by providing a forum for interchange of ideas and an opportunity for young investigators to present their work.

Two to Academy of Arts & Sciences
Dr. Michael Lawrence Klein, the Hepburn Professor of Physical Sciences, and Dr. David Cass, the Paul F. and E. Warren Shafer Miller Professor of Economics, have been elected fellows of the Academy of Arts and Sciences. They are among the 187 new fellows and 29 foreign honorary members for 2003. "Newly elected Fellows are selected through a highly competitive process that recognizes those who have made preeminent contributions to their disciplines," said Academy president Patricia Meyer Spacks. Founded in 1780, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences is an international learned society composed of the world's leading scientists, scholars, artists, business people, and public leaders.

Dr. Kumanyika: Member of AES
Dr. Shriki Kumanyika, professor of epidemiology, senior scholar in the Center for Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics and associate dean for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, director of the graduate program in Public Health Studies, and senior fellow of The Institute on Aging, has been elected as a member of the American Epidemiologial Society (AES). Dr. Kumanyika was chosen based upon her epidemiologic accomplishments and contributions as evidenced by publications, academic activities, and other aspects of professional work.

Dr. Johnston: Lifetime Achievement
Dr. Francis E. Johnston, emeritus professor and curator of physical anthropology, has received the Charles Darwin Lifetime Achievement Award of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists. Dr. Johnston received the award for his combination of research, teaching and service both to the profession and the lay community particularly the Urban Research Initiative program.

Rose Awards
The Rose Awards are awarded annually for outsanding research achievements by Penn undergraduates in any discipline.

Corey Brooks, C'03, for The Effect of the Electoral College on Voter Turnout

Lauren Delfs, C'03, for The Hunt for the Proto-Augment: Cross-Linguistic Parallels for Developments in Indo-European

Adam Furman, C'03, for Characterization of Phase Locking in the Chick Cochlear Nerve

Meredith Gamer, C'04, for Iconoclasm in Art History: The Reformation, the French Revolution and the Taliban

Ana Maria Gomez Lopez, C'03, GAS'04, for Legitimacies of Justice: Nasa Communities, the State and Legal Pluralism in Northern Cauca, Colombia

Lauren Gross, C'03, for The 1961 Non-Renewal of the US-Saudi Dhahran Airfield Agreement

Danielle Kudla, C'03, for Foreign Intrusion: Western Involvement in the Exportation of Internet and Surveillance Technology to China

Katherine Monahan, NURS'03, for The Safety and Efficacy of Dietary Supplements: The FDA and Ephedrine

Rachel Moser, C'03, for An Expressive Writing Intervention for Canine Search and Rescue Team Handlers Deployed after Sept. 11, 2001

Michael Perling, C'03, for Effect of Brand and Outlet Variation on Price in Malaysia, China, Singapore and Thailand

Ankoor Shah, C'03, for Generation of Retroviruses Expressing Anti-Apoptotic Genes for the Study on Tumorigenic Conversion of Murine Bone Marrow Cells

Claire Sherman, C'03, for Revelation: Psychological Relationships within Contemporary Figurative Painting

Katie Turner, C'03, for Diversity of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi and its Influences on Soil Dynamics


Fulbright Fellowships
Click here for other fulbright fellows for this year.

Kathleen Barthmaier, (WH '03) for a business internship in Mexico.

Katharine Davis, (COL '03) for anthropology research in Bolivia.

Rachel Fleischer, (COL '03) to teach English in South Korea.

Atul Joshi, (COL/WH '03) for a business internship in Mexico.

Eric Lee, (EAS '03) to study biology in Austria.

Efthimios Parasidis, (LAW '00) to research public health in Greece.

Avi Rubin, (COL '03) to study diplomatic history in Israel.

Almanac was not given the correct titles for the following individuals who were in last week's centerspread on Wharton Teaching Awards. They should have read as follows. -- Ed.

Dr. Paul Kleindorfer, Anheuser-Busch Professor of Management Science at Wharton.

Dr. Eric Bradlow, associate professor.

Dr. Matthew R. McBrady, lecturer.

Dr. Lawrence Zicklin, lecturer.

Dr. Peter Zemsky, visiting associate professor.

Dr. Ziv Katalan, adjunct associate professor.

Dr. N. Bulent Gultekin, associate professor of finance.

Dr. Gordon Bodnar, lecturer.

Dr. Nicholas Souleles, associate professor.

Dr. Lorin Hitt, associate professor.

  Almanac, Vol. 49, No. 33, May 13, 2003