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Penn's Way 2003 Commitment to Community

Penn's Way 2003 LogoA Great Success


To the Penn Community:

With good news and upbeat stories in short supply these days, I was heartened to receive word last week that Penn's Way 2003 campaign was a great success. In a rousing display of kindness to fellow human beings, University faculty and staff heeded the campaign's call for more generosity and participation.

Penn's Way 2003 exceeded its goals by recording a total donation tally of $452,630, representing a $31,000 increase over last year's figure. Participation rates also rose significantly across the University, with some Centers posting perfect scores of 100%. Kudos go to Vice President for Public Safety Maureen Rush and Professor Lance Donaldson-Evans for a superb job in co-chairing this year's Penn's Way campaign.

I congratulate and thank the entire Penn community for its generosity of spirit and ongoing commitment to those in need--especially when so many Americans are feeling the pinch, if not the sting, of a shaky economy and the lingering effects of a full-scale war overseas.

We know that the Penn community is an academic powerhouse. The success of Penn's Way 2003 truly reveals the determination of Penn faculty and staff to lead the Greater Philadelphia community in philanthropy and service to humanity. Well done.

--Judith Rodin, President

Thank You

In September of 2002, the Penn's Way 2003 Advisory and Working Groups challenged the University to continue their Commitment to Community, and set an ambitious campaign goal of $435,000. Well aware of the social and economic turbulence every person has faced this past year, Penn's Way 2003 reached out to the Penn community reminding them that Now, More than Ever, their generosity could make a difference. Seven months later, though confronted by increasing tension and conflict, we have cause to celebrate hope and many people to thank for making that happen. Penn's Way 2003 has met and exceeded its goal by raising $452,630 for worthwhile charitable organizations. In addition to meeting and exceeding its fundraising goal, the Penn's Way 2003 campaign also achieved its goal of increasing campaign participation rates across the University. University-wide, 22% of employees participated in the Penn's Way 2003 campaign, as compared to last year when only 16% of employees participated.

The campaign could not have been such a success without the hard work and enthusiasm of the many individual volunteers who served as Working Committee members, coordinators, and facilitators; and the support of several departments: Business Services, VPUL, Creative Communications, Payroll, and Mail Services.

On behalf of our charitable partner organizations and the people in our region that they serve, Thank You!

--Maureen Rush and Lance Donaldson-Evans
Penn's Way 2003 Campaign Co-Chairs


  Almanac, Vol. 49, No. 27, April 1, 2003