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Dr. David Goodman, Medicine

Dr. David B. P. Goodman, professor of pathology and laboratory medicine, and director of the endocrinology oncology lab, died on February 17 at Lankenau Hospital. He was 60 years old.

Dr. Goodman received his undergraduate degree in biology from Harvard University and his medical degree from Penn's School of Medicine. He completed an internship at Penn in 1972 and completed his Ph.D. in biochemistry that same year. He became a research associate at CHOP in 1972 and in 1976 accepted a position as assistant professor of medicine at Yale. In 1980 he returned to Penn as associate professor of pathology and laboratory medicine and served as director of the William Pepper Laboratory at HUP. He was appointed professor of pathology and laboratory medicine in 1982.

Dr. Goodman is survived by his wife, Kathleen Greenacre; sons, Derek M. and Alex D.; and a sister, Beverly Wesman.

Memorial donations may be made to the Dr. David B. P. Goodman Scholarship Fund, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, 2525 Market St., Philadelphia, PA 19104.


Jim Hobbs, Physics and Astronomy

Jim Hobbs, a former staff member in the department of physics and astronomy, passed away Monday, February 17 while shoveling snow. He was 78 years old.

Mr. Hobbs joined the University in 1960 as an instrument design specialist. He retired from that position in 1993.

He is survived by his wife, Norma Jean; daughters, Laura Lee Arbolino, and Leslie Hobbs; sons, Wayne and Kevin; three grandchildren; and two great grandchildren.

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  Almanac, Vol. 49, No. 23, February, 2003