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From the President and Provost

On the November 16 Incident

Penn's administration has been deeply concerned about the incident involving the Princeton debating students visiting our campus the night of November 16. The allegations about the behavior of several Penn students are very serious, and have shocked and appalled our community. Many people have been working hard since the time of the incident to make sure that appropriate action is taken.

First, the University of Pennsylvania Police were called in immediately. They conducted the law enforcement investigation that ultimately led to the District Attorney's decision to pursue the incident as a criminal matter and to arrest those alleged to be involved.

At the same time, the University has its own, separate student disciplinary system and that system has been engaged with full dispatch. This system is managed in the first instance by the Office of Student Conduct. As the Penn Community is aware, and to ensure a fair, thorough and appropriate process, student disciplinary proceedings are confidential--that means that "updates" on the progress of these proceedings while they are unfolding are precluded.

During the time since November 16, we have been in contact with several Princeton officials and will continue to communicate with them, consistent with our responsibilities to the process. We will continue to address this situation actively and are committed to completing the process without undue delay.

--Judith Rodin
--Robert Barchi

  Almanac, Vol. 49, No. 15, December 10, 2002