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A Peek at Penn's Past
(culled from old issues of Almanac)

This Month in Penn's History

10 Years Ago

11/3/92--Faculty at Wharton vote unanimously to approve full implementation of a new MBA curriculum.

11/3/92 Alliance between Annenberg Institute and SAS creates a Center for Judaic Studies at Penn--the first such center outside Israel devoted exclusively to interdisciplinary research in Judaic studies.

11/24/92--University Drug and Alcohol Policy becomes final; a result of the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act Amendments of 1989.

20 Years Ago

11/9/82-- "Nuclear war as a threat to health is the premise announced for a Convocation on the Nuclear Arms Race to be held November 11…"

11/16/82--Penn football gives up 20-0 lead in 4th quarter to Harvard, who makes it 21-20 with 3 touchdowns in 7 minutes. But with a little over a minute to play Penn scores a field goal with no time left on the clock to win 23-20.

11/16/82--Dr. Sheldon Hackney reports on 20 months as President.

30 Years Ago

11/21/72--Dr. George Makdisi, "country's leading Arabist," joins Department of Oriental Studies at Penn.

11/21/72--Long grievance letter from open meeting of the University Chapter of the AAUP complaining of sexism and racism in job placement, tenure, etc.

40 Years Ago

11/62--A four-point program designed to strengthen and systematize the methods by which the University recruits and retains administrative staff personnel was submitted to the President's Staff Conference by the newly organized Committee on Management Development.

11/62--Annenberg School of Communications was dedicated.

11/62--Univac Solid State 80 to replace the Univac I at the University Computer Center.


  Almanac, Vol. 49, No. 14, November 26, 2002