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GSE's New Degree Programs

The Graduate School of Education has announced two new degree programs that will equip education researchers with techniques of quantitative analysis fundamental to social science research. The programs being offered are a Master of Science in Statistics, Measurement and Research Technology, and a Master of Philosophy in Policy Research, Evaluation and Measurement. The programs are designed to prepare graduates for mid-level research, testing, and evaluation positions in education, social services or other professional fields.

"By training students to conduct rigorous research and sophisticated data analysis, these two programs represent an important step toward strengthening the role of scientific research in the field of education," said Dr. Erling Boe, professor of education and co-director of the Center for Research and Evaluation in Social Policy (CRESP).

The one-year Master of Science will provide students with understanding and skills in data collection, management and processing; measurement theory and test construction; survey design; assessment strategies; and statistical analysis and reporting.

The Master of Philosophy, which follows as the second year of study, will advance students' knowledge of scale development and validation, research design and controlled field trials, multivariate statistical analyses and the production of high-quality evidence for decision-making in public and organizational policy.

For more information about either degree program, contact Evelyn Jordan, program coordinator, at or toll-free at 877-PENNGSE or (215) 898-4176.


  Almanac, Vol. 49, No. 13, November 19, 2002