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Report of the 2001-2002 Senate Committee on Academic Freedom and Responsibility

October 11, 2002

The Senate Committee on Academic Freedom and Responsibility (SCAFR) had two cases brought to it during 2001-2002. Both cases were referred to respective school committees on academic freedom and responsibility (CAFRs). During the discussion of these cases, it became clear that not all the CAFRs had been activated. The SCAFR discussed mechanisms to insure that CAFRs were activated by the fall of each academic year. A written reminder was sent to all academic deans requesting that the names of the membership of each CAFR be sent to the Chair of SCAFR in care of the Faculty Senate Office.

SCAFR also considered its jurisdiction regarding academic staff as well as the definition of academic staff. The Committee discussed strategies to provide continuity in executing the principles of procedural matters relating to academic freedom concerns. SCAFR members reviewed the following documents: 1) the statement of Procedural Principles for School Committees (Almanac, February 25, 1997) that was developed by the Committee and approved by the Senate Executive Committee in April, 1997; 2) the Committee charge as outlined in the Rules of the Faculty Senate (Section 9 (b)); and 3) Article 10 of the Statutes of the Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania.

It was concluded that the Procedural Principles for School Committees published in Almanac sufficiently described the scope of the Committee's work and jurisdiction, but that further dissemination of this information was required.

Recommendations to improve dissemination included reprinting the Procedural Principles for School Committees each year in Almanac as well as utilization of the SCAFR information on the Faculty Senate web site ( that was created by Carolyn P. Burdon, then the Executive Assistant to the Faculty Senate Chair. No further business came before the Committee.

--Terri E. Weaver, Chair, Senate Committee on
Academic Freedom and Responsibility



  Almanac, Vol. 49, No. 9, October 22, 2002