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Annual Report of the Steering Committee for
University Council

September Meeting
Due to the tragic events that occurred on September 11th, the University canceled the scheduled University Council meeting. All Penn community members were invited to attend a formal University memorial service.

October Meeting
In accordance with the bylaws, Council selected and ranked focus issues for the 2001-2002 academic year.

Council held a discussion on campus safety and security with Vice President for Public Safety Maureen Rush.

The Committees on Admissions and Financial Aid, and Recreation and Intercollegiate Athletics presented 2000-2001 committee reports.

Vice Provost for University Life Valarie Swain-Cade McCoullum presented a report to the President and Provost concerning services to students with disabilities.

November Meeting
In accordance with the bylaws, the president, the provost and other administrators presented extended reports covering the state of the University.

President Judith Rodin's annual State of the University report focused on the restructuring of the Health System into Penn Medicine.

Provost Robert Barchi's annual State of the University report focused on an update of the University's Strategic Plan.

Chief Investment Officer Landis Zimmerman also gave an overview of the state of the University's endowment.

December Meeting
Council held its annual open forum with speakers and discussion on the University's financial commitment to resource centers within the context of the Strategic Plan; a proposed policy for A-3 employees to attend Council and Council committee meetings; the inclusion of transgender people in the University non-discrimination policies; the unavailability of Student Activities Council funds for groups of a religious nature; and ensuring the needs of Penn Dining employees in the language of the new dining contract. Speakers were either directed to appropriate resources immediately, or assured their issues would be taken up in Steering and/or appropriate Council committees in the near future.

January Meeting
Council heard reports on the Faculty Gender Equity Study, a review of the Policy on Privacy in the Electronic Environment by the Committee on Communications, and follow-up on the Task Force on Privacy of Personal Information.

February Meeting
Council heard an update on Greeks in the 21st Century by the three major Greek organizations--Interfraternity Council, Panhellenic Council, and Bi-cultural Intergreek Council--and procedures for submitting complaints on police conduct.

March Meeting
In accordance with the bylaws, President Rodin and Provost Barchi presented extended reports on budgets and plans for the next academic year.

Council heard a presentation on recent campus developments in the context of the Campus Development Plan and a report on the interaction between diverse groups on campus.

April Meeting
The Graduate and Professional Student Assembly presented its Three-Year Strategic Plan.

The Committees on Bookstores, Communications, Community Relations, International Programs, Personnel Benefits, Quality of Student Life, Recreation and Intercollegiate Athletics, and Safety and Security presented 2001-2002 committee reports.

In accordance with the bylaws, Council held a preliminary discussion of focus issues to be discussed in the 2002-2003 academic year.

--Leslie Laird Kruhly, Secretary to the Steering Committee

Summary of 2001-2002
University Council Resolutions and Recommendations and Administrative Actions Taken on Them

"RESOLVED, that at the first fall meeting of the Council, the Secretary shall distribute to the Council the actions of Council passed during the previous academic year, including a list of all recommendations and resolutions, the implementation of which would require administrative action. The president or the provost shall indicate what action they have taken or plan to take with respect to each recommendation and resolution."

(University Council: May 8, 1974)

Resolutions from the 2001-2002 Academic Year

No resolutions were proposed for Academic Year 2001-2002.

–Leslie Laird Kruhly, Secretary to University Council

  Almanac, Vol. 49, No. 6, October 1, 2002