Appendix IV-A.

Comparison of Men and Women Faculty (non-medical) on Selected Survey Items: Grants, Publications, Teaching


Men Women
Has your research been supported from extramural (outside Penn) research grants over the last five years?(% Yes) 68.2% 77.8%*
Do you currently receive grant support? (% Yes) 56.9% 58.9%
How many of the following have you produced to date?    

(Enter total number for each)

Men Women
___ Research publications, peer reviewed 88.1 66.9*
___ Books (sole authored) 6.8 6.0

      Men Women

What is the typical number of students totaled across all classes in an average year?

  (mean) 162 165
    (median) 106 100
How many dissertations are you:     Men Women

______ advising?

    2.1* 3.7
______ chairing?     2.7* 1.6


Do you feel you have:   Men Women  
1. too many students   8.3% 16.1%*  
2. about the right number   74.0% 70.6%  
3. too few students   17.6% 13.3%  

  Percent Equitably
Men Women

Do you feel that access to students in your department (or division) is allocated equitably or inequitably?

83.3% 74.8%*