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BACK TO COUNCIL STATE of the UNIVERSITY: Strategic Planning Process Update

Members of the
Strategic Planning Committees

(November 2, 2001)


III. A2, Strive for continuing excellence in undergraduate education

  • Steven Fluharty, Animal Biology, Vet. Med, Chair
  • Rick Beeman, History; Dean of the College, SAS
  • Michael Cancro, Pathology & Lab Med., Medicine
  • Frank Claus, Student Financial Services
  • Dennis De Turck, Mathematics, SAS
  • Thomas Dunfee, Legal Studies; Vice Dean, Wharton
  • Tom Farrell, Development and Alumni Relations
  • David Gringer, Col '04
  • Cristle Judd, Music, SAS
  • Barbara Kahn, Marketing, Wharton
  • Mark Liberman, Linguistics, SAS
  • Lindsey Mathews, Col '02
  • Kathy McCauley, Nursing
  • Max Mintz, CIS, SEAS
  • David Pope, Materials Science & Eng., SEAS
  • Julie Schneider, Fine Arts, GSFA
  • Staff: Anita Gelburd, Office of the Provost

III. A3, Strengthen both the depth and the quality of graduate education across all of Penn's schools

  • Walter Licht, History; Associate Dean, SAS, Chair
  • Norman Badler, CIS; Assoc. Dean, Grad Studies, SEAS
  • Michael Baker, SAS External Affairs
  • Cala Beatty, Romance Languages grad student, SAS
  • Andy Binns, Biology, SAS
  • Evis Cama, Chemistry grad student, SAS
  • Nader Engheta, Electrical Engineering, SEAS
  • Joseph Farrell, Classical Studies; Assoc. Dean, SAS
  • Susan Gennaro, Nursing
  • Ajani Jain, Vice Dean & Dir., Wharton Grad. Div.
  • Amy Johnson, Business Services
  • George Mailath, Economics, SAS
  • Mickey Selzer, Neurology; Assoc. Dean, Medicine
  • Greg Tausz, Finance Administration
  • Joel Waldfogel, Business & Pubic Policy, Wharton
  • Staff: Karen Lawrence, Office of the Provost

III. B, Strive to improve the quality, impact, visibility and translatability of our academic research and scholarly activity

  • Craig Thompson, Biology of Cancer; Med., Chair
  • David Asch, General Internal Medicine, Medicine
  • David Balamuth, Physics; Associate Dean, SAS
  • Daniel Bujnak, Political Science grad student, SAS
  • Glen Gaulton, Pathology & Lab. Med.; Vice Dean, Med.
  • Phil Goldstein, Penn to Business
  • Erica Holzbaur, Cell & Molecular Biology, Vet Med.
  • Randy Kamien, Physics, SAS
  • Jean-Marie Kneeley, SEAS External Affairs
  • Vijay Kumar, Mechanical Engineering, SEAS
  • Douglas Massey, Sociology, SAS
  • Lindsey Mathews, Col '02
  • Barbara Medoff-Cooper, Nursing
  • Paul Messaris, Annenberg School for Communication
  • Olivia Mitchell, Ins. and Risk Mgt., Wharton
  • Andy Rudczynski, Research Services
  • Kim Scheppele, Law
  • Rogers Smith, Political Science, SAS
  • Staff: Jeanne Leong, University Relations

III. C, Provide a continuum of education that engages learners throughout their lives and in various stages of their careers

  • Al Filreis, English, SAS, Chair
  • Bob Alig, Alumni Relations
  • Beverly Edwards, Human Resources
  • Richard Hendrix, College of General Studies
  • Anne Keene, Nursing
  • Susan Lytle, GSE
  • Robert Mittelstaedt, Vice Dean, Exec. Ed., Wharton
  • Gail Morrison, Gen. Intl. Med.; Vice Dean for Ed., Med.
  • Anne Nicolaysen, Col '02
  • Jason Parsley, Mathematics graduate student, SAS
  • Sharon Thompson-Schiller, Psychology, SAS
  • Dana Tomlin, Landscape Architecture, GSFA
  • Lyle Ungar, CIS, SEAS
  • Rick Whitfield, Audit and Compliance
  • Staff: Stephanie Ives, Office of the VPUL

III. D, Focus on building and retaining an outstanding faculty in all Disciplines

  • Janice Bellace, Legal Studies, Wharton, Chair
  • Takeshi Egami, Material Science, SEAS
  • Sharon Moorer-Harris, Human Resources
  • Joan Hendricks, Clinical Medicine, Vet Medicine
  • John Dixon Hunt, Landscape Architecture, GSFA
  • Rebecca Maynard, GSE
  • Michael Mennuti, Ob/Gyn, Medicine
  • Medha Narvekar, Dev. & Alumni Relations
  • Edward Rock, Law
  • James Saunders, Otorhinolaryngology, Medicine
  • Herb Smith, Sociology, SAS
  • Irene Wong, Social Work
  • Staff: Marge Lizotte, Office of the Provost

IV. A, Arts, Humanities and Society

  • Greg Urban, Anthropology, SAS, Chair
  • Julia Converse, GSFA Ext. Affairs; Arch. Archives
  • Claudia Gould, Institute for Contemporary Art
  • Dwight Jaggard, Electrical Engineering, SEAS
  • Tom Lussenhop, Office of Executive Vice President
  • Paul Meyer, Morris Arboretum
  • Dan Raff, Management, Wharton
  • Michael Rose, Annenberg Center
  • Jeremy Sabloff, University Museum
  • James Serpell, Hum. Ethics & Animal Welfare, Vet Med.
  • Lawrence Sipe, GSE
  • Stephanie Sherman, Col '03
  • Gary Tomlinson, Music, SAS
  • David Wallace, English, SAS
  • Liliane Weissberg, German and Comp Lit, SAS
  • Staff: Steve Gagne, Office of the President

IV. B, Life Sciences

  • Mark Tykocinski, Medicine, Chair
  • Susan Davidson, CIS, SEAS
  • George Day, Wharton
  • Martha Farah, Psychology, SAS
  • Barry Hilts, Facilities Operations
  • David Lazar, Col '02
  • Sam Lundquist, Dev. and Alumni Relations
  • Sandra Matalonis, Technology Transfer
  • Susan Margulies, Bioengineering, SEAS
  • Glenn McGee, Molecular and Cell Eng., Medicine
  • David Roos, Biology, SAS
  • Hans Scholer, Animal Biology, Vet Medicine
  • Robert Seyfarth, Psychology, SAS
  • Jerome Strauss, Medicine
  • Lee Sweeny, Physiology, Medicine
  • John Wolfe, Pathology, Vet Medicine
  • Staff: Janine Corbett, Office of the Provost

IV. C, The Urban Community

  • Dennis Culhane, Social Work, Chair
  • Larry Bell, Business Services
  • Eugenie Birch, City and Regional Planning, GSFA
  • Marjorie Bowman, Family Practice & Comm. Med., Med.
  • Joseph Gyourko, Real Estate, Wharton
  • Lucy Kerman, Office of the President
  • Shiriki Kumanyika, Biostat. & Epidemiology, Med.
  • Melissa Kushner, Col '02
  • Jeremy Martin, City &Reg. Plan. grad. student, GSFA
  • Ann O'Sullivan, Nursing
  • Janet Pack, Business and Public Policy, Wharton
  • John Puckett, GSE
  • Maureen Rush, Public Safety
  • Lawrence Sherman, Sociology, SAS
  • Carol Wilson Spigner, Social Work
  • Tom Sugrue, History, SAS
  • Mark Stern, Social Work; co-dir., Urban Studies
  • Staff: Carol DeFries, Off. of Govt., Comm. & Public Affairs

IV. D, Technological Innovation

  • Dawn Bonnell, Material Science, SEAS, Chair
  • Lisa Marie Bouillion, GSE
  • Chris Bradie, Business Services
  • Nick Bryan, Radiology, Medicine
  • Yang Liang Chua, City & Reg. Plan. grad student, GSFA
  • Margaret Cotroneo, Nursing
  • Jeanne Curtis, ISC
  • Peter Davies, Path. & Lab. Med., Med.; Bioeng., SEAS
  • Ray Gorte, Chemical Engineering, SEAS
  • George Hain, SEAS Development
  • William Hamilton, Management, Wharton
  • Branko Kolarevic, Architecture, GSFA
  • Mitch Marcus, CIS, SEAS
  • Reed Shuldiner, Law
  • Harbir Singh, Management, Wharton
  • Staff: Steven Fabiani, ISC

IV. E, The Global Perspective

  • Richard Herring, Finance, Chair
  • Sandra Barnes, Anthropology, SAS
  • Peter Berthold, Dental Care Systems, Dental Med.
  • Robert Boruch, GSE
  • Omar Blaik, Facilities and Real Estate Services
  • William Ewald, Law
  • Garret FitzGerald, Pharmacology, Medicine
  • Joanne Gowa, Political Science, SAS
  • Tania Johnson, Poli Sci/Intl. Rel. grad student, SAS
  • Steve Kobrin, Management, Wharton
  • James Lok, Parasitology, Vet Medicine
  • Ian Lustick, Political Science, SAS
  • Ed Resovsky, Development and Alumni Relations
  • Donald Silberberg, Neurology; Sr. Assoc. Dean, Med.
  • Joanne Yun, Col '04
  • Staff: James Gardner, Office of the President

IV. F., Organizations, Institutions & Leadership

  • Janice Madden, Sociology, SAS, Chair
  • Robin Beck, ISC
  • Michael Black, Admin. and Finance, Medicine
  • Jamaine Davis, Biochem & Biophysics, Med.
  • John DiIulio, Political Science, SAS
  • Nicole Epps, Col '03
  • Gerald Faulhaber, Bus. & Public Policy, Wharton
  • Vivian Gadsden, GSE
  • Margaret Goertz, GSE
  • Jerry Jacobs, Sociology, SAS
  • Charles Mooney, Law
  • Steven Oliveira, Wharton Dev. and Alumni Affairs
  • Brian Strom, Biostatistics and Epidemology, Med.
  • Marie Witt, Business Services
  • Michael Useem, Management, Wharton
  • Staff: Max King, Office of the VPUL

V. A, Building and Enhance the Financial and Operational Capacity of the University

  • Rick Whitfield, Audit and Compliance, Chair
  • Craig Carnaroli, Fin. & Treasurer's Office, Co-Chair
  • Jack Heuer, Div. of Human Resources, Co-Chair
  • Ken Campbell, Comptroller's Office
  • Peter Cappelli, Management, Wharton
  • Jeanne Curtis, ISC
  • Scott Douglas, Wharton Finance and Admin.
  • Mina Fader, Facilities and Real Estate Services
  • Al Glessner, Center for Technology Transfer
  • Phil Goldstein, Penn to Business
  • Chris Griffith, Human Resources
  • Walter Licht, History; Associate Dean, SAS
  • Susan Phillips, Dean's Office, School of Medicine
  • Tom Rambo, Division of Public Safety
  • Ramin Sedehi, SAS
  • Steve Semenuk, Budget & Management Analysis
  • Marie Witt, Business Services
  • Coordinator: Pat O'Toole, Audit and Compliance

V.B, Entrepreneurial Ventures

  • Phil Goldstein, Penn to Business, Chair
  • Robin Beck,ISC, Co-Chair
  • Jim O'Donnell, Classical Studies, SAS; ISC, Co-Chair
  • Lou Berneman, Center for Technology Transfer
  • Chris Bradie, Business Services
  • Mary Lee Brown, Audit and Compliance
  • Frank Claus, Student Financial Services
  • Steffie Crowther, Dev. and Alumni Relations
  • Christopher Hopey, Executive Education, GSE
  • Vijay Kumar, Mechanical Engineering, SEAS
  • Lisa Prasad, Business Services
  • Paul Sehnert, Institutional Real Estate
  • Barry Stupine, Veterinary Hospital
  • Gary Truhlar, Human Resources
  • Coordinators: Sara Gallagher, Office of EVP and Shaheedah Saalim, Penn to Business

V.C, Campus Environment

  • Omar Blaik, Facilities &Real Estate Services, Chair
  • Lee Nunery, Business Services Co-Chair
  • Maureen Rush, Division of Public Safety, Co-Chair
  • Doug Berger, Housing and Conference Services
  • Eugenie Birch, Fine Arts, GSFA
  • David Brownlee, Art History, SAS; College Houses
  • Dennis Culhane, Social Work
  • Bob Furniss, Transportation and Mail Services
  • Hanni Hindi, Col '02
  • Marilyn Kraut, Human Resources
  • Sam Lundquist, Dev, and Alumni Relations
  • Tom Lussenhop, Office of the EVP
  • Lucy Momjian, Treasurer's Office
  • Charles Newman, Facilities & Real Estate Services
  • Michael Rose, Annenberg Center
  • Thomas Stump, Budget and Administration, SEAS
  • Coordinator: Leslie Mellet, Facilities & Real Estate

Almanac, Vol. 48, No. 12, November 13, 2001


November 13, 2001
Volume 48 Number 12

A 25-year-old CIS doctoral student in SEAS disappeared on November 2.
Three professors named to Goldstone Endowed Term Chairs for Philosophy, Politics and Economics.
Lindback Award nominations are due November 30.
Community Involvement Recognition Award nominations are due on December 7.
The University community is invited to speak at the University Council's Open Forum; topics must be submitted to the Office of the Secretary by November 27.

The State of the University: an update on the strategic planning process.

The State of the University: a proposal to create Penn Medicine.

Fluent in Spanish? A resident director for an academic program in Seville is sought for next year
OF RECORD: Policy on Deployment, Operation and Registration Requirements for Wireless Access Points on PennNet.

OF RECORD: Policy on Requirements for Authenticated Access at Public Jacks, Public Kiosks, Wireless Networks and Lab Computers on PennNet.

Thanksgiving Break: Special checks/safety and security tips
125 Years of Women at Penn Celebration: portraits and pavers preserve accomplishments of generations of women.