Open Enrollment 2001-2002: April 16-27

You will soon have the opportunity to elect your benefits for the new plan year, July 1, 2001 to June 30, 2002, during the annual Open Enrollment period that begins April 16 and runs through April 27, 2001.

You can conveniently enroll via the Internet or by calling the Penn Benefits Center. The Open Enrollment web page provides links to provider directories and allows you to enroll online, 24 hours a day, and print your confirmation statement at the time of your enrollment. You can log on from your home or office or use a computer at either of the following locations: Goldstein Undergraduate Study Center (ground level of Van Pelt-Dietrich Library) or Today's Penn Partnership Office (3550 Market Street, Suite 110). You may also enroll by calling the Penn Benefits Center at 1-888-PENN-BEN (1-888-736-6236).

Look for additional Open Enrollment information in Almanac in upcoming weeks, including publication of the health care rates for the plan year 2001-2002.

What's New for 2001-2002

  • Prescription Drug Coverage (through Caremark Services):

Currently, the HMO medical plans carry an annual deductible of $25 for single coverage and $50 for family coverage before the Caremark co-insurance amounts begin. This annual deductible is being eliminated.

  • Mental Health Benefit Enhancements--UPHS POS (Keystone network only) and Keystone HMO:

The inpatient mental health benefit is being increased from 60 days per year to an unlimited number of days per year. The outpatient mental health benefit is being increased from 20 visits per year to 30 visits per year.

  • Mental Health Benefit Enhancements--Aetna HMO:

The inpatient mental health benefit is being increased from 60 days per year to 90 days per year. The outpatient mental health benefit is being increased from 20 visits per year to 30 visits per year.

  • Penn Faculty Practice Dental Plan Enhancement:

Implants-which are currently not a covered service under either dental plan-will be covered at 50% under the Penn Faculty Practice dental plan.

Benefits Fairs

The following Benefits Fairs will give you the opportunity to talk with providers and pick up new provider directories:

  • Thursday, April 19--Houston Hall, 10 a.m.-2:30 p.m.

This will be a joint Health and Open Enrollment Fair combining the efforts of the Benefits Division and the Quality of Worklife Division. Since health screenings may influence your Open Enrollment decisions, we have joined these two fairs in an effort to assist our faculty and staff with their benefits decisions for the next plan year.

  • Thursday, April 26--Houston Hall, 10 a.m.-2:30 p.m.
  • Tuesday, April 24--New Bolton Center, 10 a.m.-2 p.m.

Health and Welfare representatives will be available from:

  • Independence Blue Cross/Pennsylvania Blue Shield
  • PENNCare
  • Keystone
  • Aetna US Healthcare
  • Caremark
  • Penn Faculty Practice Plan
  • MetLife
  • Clarity Vision
  • CNA Insurance

Additional information on other benefits/programs not subject to Open Enrollment will be available from:

  • The Vanguard Group
  • HR Benefits/Hewitt Associates
  • PennFriends
  • Quality of Worklife

Please Note

  • If you do not change your elections, your current benefits will carry over for the 2001- 2002 Plan Year, including your annual Pre-Tax Expense Account election.
  • If you are covering full-time student dependents between the ages of 19 and 23, you must reenroll these dependents each year during Open Enrollment, or they will be dropped from your coverage.

Confirmation Statements

After you enroll, you should receive confirmation of your benefits elections from the Penn Benefits Center. Confirmation statements will be mailed on May 16, 2001. Employees who do not make any changes to their elections will not receive confirmation statements. Call the Penn Benefits Center at 1-888-PENN-BEN (1-888-736-6236) by June 1, 2001 if any of your elections are listed incorrectly or if you have not received your statement.

Long Term Care Insurance

Please note that Long Term Care coverage for you and your eligible dependents is subject to evidence of insurability.

Pre-Tax Expense Accounts

If you elect to participate in the Pre-Tax Expense Accounts, your election will automatically continue for the same annual amount for the following Plan Years unless you change your election during the Open Enrollment period. Some employees will begin participation in the Pre-Tax Expense Accounts partway through the Plan Year (July 1-June 30). Please note that even if your original election amount is based on a partial Plan Year, this amount will continue for the entire following Plan Year, unless you actively make a change to your election during that year's Open Enrollment period.

Also note that if you are currently accelerating your Pre-Tax Expense Account contributions, that acceleration will not be continued for the new Plan Year unless you actively elect to continue the acceleration. Otherwise, your total annual election will be deducted in even installments over the course of the year.

Change of Address?

If you have had a change of address, please advise your Business Administrator so that your mailing address will be updated in the system.

Almanac, Vol. 47, No. 26, March 20, 2001