PenNetWorks Open House

Would-be entrepreneurs who have an idea , half a team and no business plan and didn't think someone would pay them to write their business plan or develop technology are invited to find out how PenNetWorks can help.

The PenNetWorks Open House, at 3535 Market Street, on February 8, from 5 to 8 p.m. is an opportunity for networking and a chance to win a Palm IIIxe. RSVP online at if possible, or just drop by.

PenNetWorks, is Penn's pre-seed stage business accelerator serving entrepreneurs from the Delaware Valley. PenNetWorks brings together a blend of networking, talent, money, and infrastructure required to enable early stage entrepreneurs to successfully launch and prepare their businesses for first round funding.

No business plan needed for those with a great idea, technology, or business concept. Submissions can be submitted for immediate consideration and feedback at

Owned by the University of Pennsylvania and managed by Redleaf Group, Inc., PenNetWorks is ideally situated to bring together new business ideas with a wealth of intellectual and human capital as well as experience, networking, and management assistance.

For more information, please contact: PenNetWorks, 3535 Market Street, suite 560, (215) 573-4667 or on the web at:

Almanac, Vol. 47, No. 21, February 6, 2001

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