ISC Networking and Telecommunications Service and Rates for FY 2002

In July, 2000, Penn combined ISC Networking & Telecommunications, having recognized the need for a new organization that could fully support the design and deployment of the Next Generation PennNet to deliver voice, data and video services over one physical network. This re-organization of departments from ISC and Business Services into one group was planned during FY'00 after careful consultation with staff, campus colleagues, and peers at sister institutions. This change was driven by several factors including:

  • Technical convergence of voice, data and video technologies
  • Redundant existing physical infrastructures and processes
  • Common vendors
  • Parallel and duplicate services to customers
  • Customers' demand for increased support
  • New, emerging services crossed existing organizations

Goals for the new organization include enhanced customer service, combined physical infrastructure planning and management, lower operating expenses by utilizing economies of scale for equipment and facilities purchases, and consolidated internal processes. While full organizational integration of all services across data, video and telecommunications will take some months, significant milestones have already been met, including:

  • Establishment of a single point of contact for departments needing one or many services
  • Consolidation of financial services and customer chargeback procedures
  • Joint materials management and inventory control
  • Technical cross training for staff members
  • Initial development of methodology to introduce new or emerging products and services


Several Networking service and rate changes will go into effect starting July 1, 2001. Most of these changes are the result of recommendations made by the Network Planning Task Force (, the cross-campus team that meets to discuss and resolve issues surrounding the planning and funding of PennNet.

The following are the major networking service and rate changes for FY 2002. Additional rate changes are shown in the summary table comparing this year's and last year's rates.

  • It is recommended that ISC discontinue for-fee modem pool access by July 1, 2001. The no-fee express pool will continue through June 30, 2002.
  • Any users who still have 10Base2 connections are encouraged to switch to 10Base-T connections through ISC's conversion program (
  • 100Base-T connections (the leading standard for 100 Mbps) are available to any building wired for Fast Ethernet. To determine whether your building is wired for Fast Ethernet, see table.html.

FY 2002 Networking Rate Changes
Central Service Fee (Network Infrastructure)

FY 2001

FY 2002

10Base2/10Base-T $ 9.40/month $ 9.55/month
100Base-T $22.75/month $22.75/month
Connections (Port Rental/Connection Maintenance)
10Base2 $25.60/month $25.60/month
10Base-T $ 5.85/month $ 5.85/month
100Base-T $17.25/month $11.70/month
Services (E-mail)
Pobox Accounts $50/year $28/year
Dolphin Accounts $20/year N/A*

* Note: Pobox and Dolphin e-mail account services are being combined into one new enhanced e-mail offering at $28/year per account for FY 2002. Special discounts for bulk accounts will be offered so that departments/units will actually be charged from $28/year per account to $22.40/year per account depending on the number of accounts.

FY 2001 FY 2002
Large Electronic Mailings $.05/e-mail address $.05/e-mail address
Large E-mail List Management $50/list $30/set-up
$20/six months per list
SMTP Relay $50/six months per host
 Premium Web Services  See for rate details.


A complete list of ISC Networking and Telecommunication's labor rates (including premium web services) can be found at

FY 2002 Telecommunications Rates
Administrative FY 2001 FY 2002
Centrex Lines
Analog Line $ 12/month $ 12/month
Meridian Business Set Primary Line $ 12/month $ 12/month
Meridian Business Set AddÕl Line (Software Only) $ 5/month $ 5/month
ISDN Line 2B +D Centrex Line (for 2 numbers) $ 35/month $ 35/month
Voice Mail
Mailbox A (12 messages, 3 minutes each, 10 days archive) $ 7.50/month $ 7.50/month
Mailbox B (24 messages, 5 minutes each, 20 days archive) $ 8.50/month $ 8.50/month
Mailbox C (40 messages, 10 minutes each, 30 days archive) $ 9.50/month $ 9.50/month

Long Distance

Long Distance direct dialed calls are charged at a flat per minute rate for all time periods of all days. Domestic direct dialed state-to-state long distance calls will be billed at $ .10/minute. International direct dialed calls will also be billed at a flat per minute rate for each country. Please see the website at specific rates for each country.

Note: Rates are subject to change. This flat rate does not apply to ISDN or Operator-assisted calls of any type e.g., credit card, third-party, collect, directory assistance, etc.

Allocated Costs

Allocated charges are the expenses of providing a unified telecommunications system for the University. These costs are shared by all those who use the system, and are evenly allocated as 30% of total monthly equipment (telephone lines, sets, and voice messaging) costs to each department or center.


A complete list of ISC Networking and Telecommunication's labor rates (including premium web services) can be found at

Student Rates

Student rates are available at

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For activation requests (voice, data or video) send e-mail to or call (215) 898-9654. For billing questions (voice, data or video) send e-mail to or call (215) 898-3377.

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Almanac, Vol. 47, No. 19, January 23, 2001