In the spring of 1999, after extensive discussions with faculty, students, and staff, the Working Group on Alcohol Abuse (WGAA), chaired by Provost Robert Barchi, revised the University Alcohol Policy and proposed numerous recommendations to improve the culture of alcohol use and abuse at Penn, (www.vpul.upenn.edu/alcohol/policy2.html).

From the beginning, we resolved to regularly review the Alcohol Policy and these new initiatives, and further to make appropriate revisions as necessary.

Of the 45 recommendations that grew out of the initial WGAA report, students and staff agreed that only one of them has proven difficult to enforce--the BYOB policy. As a result, the Alcohol Rapid Response Team (ARRT) offered an alternative which retains the goal of reducing the quantity of

alcohol provided at registered undergraduate events, as well as the manner by which alcohol is served to of-age students. This policy revision was introduced to the Penn community in the "For

Comment" section of Almanac on September 12, 2000, and ended on October, 13, 2000.

During the "For Comment" period, the Alcohol and Other Drug Task Force also provided useful feedback on the proposed changes. As a result, AART made appropriate amendments to the policy and submitted its final recommendation to me, which I have approved in full. We will continue to seek community input, monitor the effectiveness of the alcohol policy, and provide reports on each of our initiatives on a regular basis.

--Judith Rodin, President 

Approved Changes to the University Alcohol Policy--Section 2, B, #6

The approved changes (in Italics) are:

Undergraduate student organizations hosting on-campus events at which alcohol is served are responsible for assuring that alcohol is served and consumed lawfully and safely.* To comply with this expectation undergraduate student organizations must adhere to the following conditions:

  • No oversized or common source containers of any sort [including but not limited to kegs, punchbowls, beer balls, party balls] are permitted at any on-campus party;
  • Only individuals with valid proof of legal drinking age may be served alcohol; alcohol may not be served to any visibly intoxicated person, regardless of age;
  • Alcohol may be served only from a controlled, designated area by sober, trained, of-age bartenders who are unaffiliated with the host organization;
  • No undergraduate organization, student activity, or student government funds may be used to purchase alcohol for any party;
  • Drinking contests or games of any sort are expressly prohibited

* The amount of alcohol available at an event should not exceed a ratio of more than four (4) alcoholic drinks (premium beer, table wine, or wine coolers) per of-age person attending the event.

One drink = 12oz. of premium beer (alcohol content of less than 6% by volume) or 4-5oz. of (unfortified) table wine or a standard serving size wine cooler (usually 10oz.)

Almanac, Vol. 47, No. 10, October 31, 2000

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