COUNCIL Overview of September 13 Meeting

President Judith Rodin opened the year's first University Council meeting last Wednesday by welcoming everyone to the "newly restored Bodek Lounge, in the newly restored Houston Hall, in the newly built Perelman Quad." Her nomination of Will Harris as moderator was accepted as was her appointment of Mark Lloyd as parliamentarian--both returning for another round of Council meetings.

In her report, the president noted the increased participation and representation of the two staff assemblies. Both PPSA and the A-3 Assembly now each have two representatives to Council; Anna Loh and Adam Sherr for PPSA and Regina Cantave and Karen Pinckney for the A-3 Assembly.

Dr. Rodin mentioned that during the RNC there were several thousand visitors and media on campus, as well as the Shadow Convention at the Annenberg Center and the numerous faculty, staff and students who volunteered their help. The website was run by students from the Annenberg School while Dean Kathleen Hall Jamieson was a spokesperson on the Comcast Cable.

The president noted that the freshman class has been formally welcomed at the Convocation along with a longer New Student Orientation consisting of the Reading Project , more programming and social events including No Place Like Penn.

The Nursing School's Dean search is underway and the Medical School's Dean search committee will meet in the next few weeks, the president said. She introduced the new Secretary of the University, Leslie Kruhly.

Provost Robert Barchi described some of the recent changes along Locust Walk where the former CA is now home to many organizations including LaCasa Latina, Pan Asian American Community House (PAACH), a satellite office for the Greenfield Intercultural Center, student performing arts and the new Center for Undergraduate Research and Fellowships which will facilitate research opportunities for students. There will be a naming contest, to be organized by the VPUL, to give the building a new name.

Dr. Barchi commended all those whose efforts helped Penn win the biggest of six awards from the Department of Education for the University's Alcohol program. He also described the new Summer Waiver Program as a success--more than 100 applicants were approved for some level of waiver. William Schilling, director of student financial aid, will assess the program annually.

The 14-member Gender Equity committee has gathered data and will interview faculty this fall, reporting to the community later this semester. The Electronic Privacy Policy will be effective for a one-year trial basis, if no comments are received opposing it.

Dr. Larry Gross, chair of Steering, explained that following the change in Council's bylaws, this meeting is the first official meeting for the year, whereas the final meeting of the spring used to be the first for the new members. Council committees have been assembled with the exception of some students.

GAPSA Chair Kyle Farley said that the new center for graduate students will open a year later than originally expected due to structural problems discovered during renovation.

UA Chair Michael Bassik reported that the 25-member group had its annual goal-setting retreat and will address video rental and late night dining, financial aid and the changes to the modem pool this year.

Anna Loh, PPSA chair, said that lunch-time professional development sessions will be continued and there will be more joint meetings with the A-3 assembly beginning with one on Wednesday. Regina Cantave, the A-3 chair, said her group's goal is to increase its visibility and address quality of life issues as well as training and development.

Dr. Edward Lally, chair of the Committee on Recreation and Intercollegiate Athletics presented the 1999-2000 report (Almanac September 12).

Alcohol Policy Coordinator Stephanie Ives presented a report (Almanac September 12) on the new Alcohol Policy's first year since its implementation.

A substantial portion of the meeting was devoted to an update on the Campus Development Plan which the provost described as a "dynamic framework to think through decisions." He anticipates that the University community will review the preliminary recommendations this fall with the final approval by the Trustees in February. Omar Blaik, vice president of facilities, presented the key findings, goals and recommendations. He pointed out that the plan "does not specify allocations of resources," but rather it serves "as a road map." A lively discussion ensued with several members of Council voicing their opinions on the subject of the future of the University's physical development and growth.

As the meeting concluded it was determined that the discussion about the campus plan had only just begun and would resume at a future meeting. Other topics for Council meetings this year will include the gender equity study, admissions and financial aid and capital funding for campus projects.

Almanac, Vol. 47, No. 4, September 19, 2000

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