Summary of 1999-2000 University Council Resolutions and Recommendations and Administrative Actions Taken on Them

"RESOLVED, that at the first fall meeting of the Council, the Secretary shall distribute to the Council the actions of Council passed during the previous academic year, including a list of all recommendations and resolutions, the implementation of which would require administrative action. The president or the provost shall indicate what action they have taken or plan to take with respect to each recommendation and resolution." (University Council: May 8, 1974)

Resolutions from the 1999-2000 Academic Year

1. The University Council Committee on Communications proposed a policy on privacy in the electronic environment. The policy is intended to highlight some general principles that should help to define the expectations of privacy of those in the University community. The policy attempts to articulate current practices and provide guidance, so that individuals may make informed and appropriate decisions concerning their various interactions in the electronic environment. After numerous discussions at Council, including an open forum on the topic, and two friendly amendments presented at the last meeting, forty-seven Council members voted to pass the motion that Council recommend to the administration that they enact the text as amended to be reviewed in one year, none opposed. (April 26, 2000)

Action: Provost Barchi solicited reactions to the policy from the University Community in the May 18, 2000 issue of ALMANAC BETWEEN ISSUES. The policy is open for comment until September 15, 2000.

2. University Council voted on proposed revisions to the University Council bylaws. Forty-four Council members voted to "Increase to two representatives of the Penn Professional Staff Assembly and the A-3 Assembly on University Council and on the Steering Committee" and none opposed. Forty-seven members voted to "Move from January to March the extended reports by the president, the provost, other administrators on budgets and plans for the next academic year" and none opposed. Forty-five members voted to "Omit the requirement of committee chairs to report to Council in February, and allow reports to be submitted to Council according to current practice, in March, April, and October" and none opposed. Forty-five members voted to "Omit the need for a "changeover" meeting of the Council membership and change the Council membership period to begin with the first meeting of the academic year and conclude with the final meeting of the academic year" and none opposed. Forty-five members voted to "Consider minor changes, such as updating titles of ex officio committee members" and none opposed. (April 26, 2000)

Action: All five amendments were passed and officially will be added to the bylaws.

--Rosemary McManus, Secretary to University Council

Steering and Council Meeting Schedules

Steering Committee Meetings

102A College Hall, 3­5 p.m. (except where indicated)

  • (Tuesday) September 26, 2000
  • (Tuesday) November 7, 2000
  • November 29, 2000
  • (Tuesday) January 16, 2001 (10­11:30 a.m.)
  • February 7, 2001
  • February 28, 2001
  • April 11, 2001
  • May 9, 2001 (Optional)

University Council Meetings

Bodek Lounge, Houston Hall, 4­6 p.m.

  • September 13, 2000
  • October 4, 2000
  • November 15, 2000
  • December 6, 2000
  • January 24, 2001
  • February 21, 2001
  • March 28, 2001
  • April 18, 2001
  • April 25, 2001

Almanac, Vol. 47, No. 3, September 12, 2000