Trustees' Meeting: Elections, Appointments & Appreciation

At last month's Stated Meeting of the Trustees, James S. Riepe was reelected as chair of the Board and Russell E. Palmer and Susan W. Catherwood were reelected as vice chairs for another one year term ending June 30, 2001. Michael L. Tarnopol was elected a vice chair.

The following trustees were also elected to the Executive Committee: Christopher H. Browne, Gilbert F. Casellas, Paul K. Kelly, Natalie I. Koether, Leonard A. Lauder, William L. Mack, Andrea Mitchell, John B. Neff, Leonard Shapiro, Alvin V. Shoemaker, Saul P. Steinberg, Lawrence A. Weinbach, and George A. Weiss.

Resolutions of Appreciation

They passed several Resolutions for:

  • Gloria Twine Chisum became a trustee in 1974 and served as vice chair for the trustees since 1988. She was also designated an Emerita Trustee effective June 16, 2000.
  • Elsie Sterling Howard served as a trustee from 1991 to 2000 and was the president of the Alumni Society for the past five years and a founding member and chair of the Trustees' Council of Penn Women.
  • Donald N. Langenberg served as a trustee since 1990 and was a member of Penn's faculty from 1960 to 1983 teaching physics and electrical engineering as well as serving as director of LRSM and Vice Provost for Graduate Studies and Research.
  • Dr. Charles K. Williams earned his Ph.D. in classical archaeology at Penn in 1978 and served as an overseer of the Museum since 1985 and Overseers vice chair since 1998. He was also designated an Emeritus Trustee.
  • Dr. Norma Lang served as Nursing's dean since 1992 and will remain on the faculty as the Lillian S. Brunner Chair in Nursing.
  • Alfred F. Beers served the University for 34 years, most recently as associate vice president for finance and prior to that as the Comptroller.

Election of Trustees

George A. Weiss was elected as a Charter Trustee. The following were elected as Term Trustees: Dr. Edward T. Anderson, James D. Dunning, Jr., Howard S. Marks, Dr. Stanley A. Prusiner and Dr. Michael D. Zisman.

Conflict of Interest and Compensation

The Conflict of Interest Policy has been amended and restated to make the policy more comprehensive and to ensure that the University is in compliance with the new intermediate sanctions regulations. The scope of the policy has been broadened to include members of the Trustees' Investment Board, as well as Emeritus and former Trustees for five years after their election to emeritus status or departure from the Board.

A new standing committee, the Compensation Committee, was established with responsibility both for providing oversight and review of the executive compensation process and for reviewing actual and perceived conflict of interest transactions involving trustees and statutory officers.


Michael J. Masch was appointed Vice President for Budget and Management Analysis effective July 1, 2000. The FY 2001 Operating Budgets for Penn and UPHS as well as the Capital Plans for both were approved.

Overseers and Boards

Mollie D. Slattery and Lynn H. Yeakel were appointed to the Board of Advisors of the Annenberg Center. David M. Silfen was appointed to the Board of Overseers of SAS. Sara S. Senior, Annette Merle-Smith and Charles K. Williams, II, were appointed at overseers emeriti of the Museum's board.

Memorial Resolution

The Trustees passed a Memorial Resolution for Morton H. Wilner, trustee emeritus, who died on May 20 at the age of 91. After earning his B.S. in economics at Wharton, he took his law degree from Georgetown in 1934. He enlisted in the Army Air Corps at the start of World War II, rose to the rank of Major.

A founder of the Washington law firm of Wilner & Scheiner, he specialized in communications and aerospace law. He became an alumni trustee, 1965-70, and then a term trustee, 1970-78 before becoming an emeritus trustee.

Almanac, Vol. 47, No. 1, July 18, 2000