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National Academy of Sciences
Dr. Lila R. Gleitman, the Steven and Marcia Roth Professor of Psychology, professor of linguistics and co-director of the Institute for Research in Cognitive Science, has been elected to the National Academy of Sciences. She was chosen in recognition of her "distinguished and continuing achievements in original research." Her primary research, has been on the topics of structure and content of the mental lexicon, and on language acquisition. A past president of the Linguistic Society of America, she is also a Fellow of the Society of Experimental Psychologists and of the AAAS. She received her Ph.D. in linguistics from Penn in 1967.  

Royal Society of London

Dr. Warren J. Ewens, professor of biology, has been elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of London for "Improving Natural Knowlege."

Dr. Ewens has made major contributions in three main areas of population genetics theory and its applications. Recently, in the field of human genetics, he developed the transmission disequilibrium test which has become widely used in searching for genes involved with complex diseases. 

Gold-Headed Cane Award

Dr. Leonard Jarett, Distinguished Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Science, has received the Gold-Headed Cane Award from the American Society for Investigative Pathology. This award is given in recognition of long-term contributions to the field of pathology. The mahogany cane--topped with a 14-karat gold head and engraved band--was presented recently at the annual meeting of the Society in San Diego.

Since 1958 he has had an impact on the world of diabetes research. His contributions to the understanding of the function of insulin have been hailed as "insightful and tremendously important." As a result of Dr. Jarett's leadership as chairman for 18 years, Penn is recognized as having one of the finest Pathology and Laboratory Medicine departments in the nation.

HHMI Investigators

Dr. Nancy M. Bonini, assistant professor of biology, and Dr. Gregory D. Van Duyne, associate professor of biochemistry and biophysics, have been appointed Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigators. The Institute is a research organization that enters into long-term agreements with universities and other academic research organizations, where its investigators hold faculty appointments. HHMI investigators carry out research with considerable freedom and flexibility in HHMI laboratories located on the various campuses.

ATS Recognition

Gina Duchossois, trauma prevention coordinator at CHOP, has been presented a recognition award by the American Trauma Society (ATS), PA Division.

Ms. Duchossois is being recognized for her "dedication and ingenuity in the field of injury prevention and education." ATS presents the annual recognition award to individuals or groups "who have done outstanding service in trauma prevention and who exemplify the goals of ATS in preventing needless deaths and injuries."

Since January 1998, Ms. Duchossois has served as the trauma prevention coordinator and chair of the SAFE KIDS Coalition of Southeastern Pennsylvania for CHOP.

President of ACSM

Dr. Angela Smith, orthopaedic surgeon at the Sports Medicine and Performance Center at CHOP, has been elected President of The American College of Sports Medicine.

A member of the ACSM since 1979, Dr. Smith was elected to the prestigious position after many years of dedicated service to the College and its ideals. As President of ACSM, "I hope to continue the growth of the organization and help everyone from kids to those in their older years realize that fitness is fun," said Dr. Smith. She practices this ideal herself, recently winning her fourth national Masters Figure Skating Championship.

Eisenhower Fellows

Tom Lussenhop, managing director of Institutional Real Estate, and Christine Massey, director of Education Outreach, Institute for Research in Cognitive Science, have been selected as Philadelphia Eisenhower Fellows. Chosen for their "outstanding achievement, at mid-career, they are expected to assume positions of national influence in fields judged by their countrymen to be of paramount importance to the country's future development, and to value the potential of international networking."

Pro Bono Publico Award

The Law School's Public Service Program has been awarded the American Bar Association's 2000 Pro Bono Publico Award. This is the first time in the ABA's history that a Law School has received this prestigious award.

The award also recognizes Penn Law's Public Service Program for having contributed significant work toward developing innovative approaches to the delivery of volunteer legal services. This year's award will be bestowed on the Law School in a ceremony held during the ABA's annual meeting in New York in July.

Ivy Day 2000: Unveiling and Awards

The 2000 Ivy Stone will be installed in the Wynn Common on the patio wall near the north entrance of Houston Hall. The stone, made of Vermont gray granite, was designed by Michael E. Chiat '00 and Lloyd J. Rosenman '00. The Ivy Day ceremony takes place in College Hall, Room 200 on May 20 at 4:30 p.m.

Senior Class Awards and recipients are:

  • Spoon: Tariq H. Remtulla
  • Bowl: Charles L. Howard
  • Cane: Andrew M. Exum
  • Spade: Aaron A. Fidler

Althea K. Hottel Award:

  • Lisa R. Marshall

Gaylord P. Harnwell Award:

  • Jennifer L. Brown

David R. Goddard Award:

  • Lindsay S. Faber

R. Jean Brownlee Award:

  • Michele E. Sacks

Leadership Awards Association of Alumnae:

  • Fathers' Trophy: Katherine Patrick
  • Class of 1915 Award: Matt Pagliasotti
  • Class of 1946 Award: David C. Chu

Sol Feinstone Undergraduate Awards:

  • Markis M. Abraham
  • Darnel Degand
  • Eric Espin
  • Juana D. Gatson
  • Kevin M. Hodges
  • Don P. Hooper
  • Jamarah A. Leverette
  • Mecca K. Madyun
  • Madelyn Maldonado
  • April S. Steward
  • Erika L. Tanenbaum
  • Korzu J. Taplin
  • Leonne Tanis
  • Idara I. Victor
  • Uduak N. Victor

Alumni Student Award of Merit:

  • Felice Chay
  • Jonathan D. Herrmann
  • Kent Malmros
  • Michael Silver
  • Wai Kei (Vicky) Sin
  • Caroline Strzalka

Penn Student Agencies Award:

  • Debra T. Kurshan

James Howard Weiss Memorial Award:

  • Emily R. Pollack

NSEP Fellowship

Megan Tracy, a Ph.D. candidate in anthropology, has won a National Security Education Program Graduate International (NSEP) Fellowship to study in China. Ms. Tracy will use the grant to further her proficiency in Mandarin Chinese and Mongolian at the Central University for Nationalities in Beijing. The two languages are critical to her dissertation research, which focuses on emergent class issues among the Mongolian ethnic minority in China.


Anne Mani, C '00, with majors in South Asian regional studies and biological basis of behavior, has been awarded a Fulbright to India to study Infertility in India: An Exploration of its Scientific and Social Aspects.

Morris Udall Awards

Wendy Tao, a Wharton junior majoring in environmental and risk management and finance, and Clifford Haugen, an M&T junior majoring in systems sciences in engineering and environmental and risk management in Wharton, have received Morris Udall Awards. The Udall Scholars were selected on the basis of academic merit and were nominated by faculty nationwide.

Almanac, Vol. 46, No. 33, May 16, 2000

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