COUNCIL Overview of the April 26 Meeting

The last Council meeting of the academic year was the first in a long time that had a quorum present, thanks to the efforts of the UA which took it upon themselves to call Council members to encourage attendance so that votes could be taken. Moderator Will Harris noted the "plenary power to move mountains with a quorum," after the much debated and repeatedly revised Policy of Privacy in the Electronic Environment was voted on and approved unanimously with 45 votes in favor of it. This was after the UA had recently negotiated with the committee to include three "friendly amendments" to ensure protection for students. The policy is to be reviewed in one year.

University Council then proceeded to approve the proposed revision their Bylaws.

President Judith Rodin complimented Council for the high quality of discussions and especially the numerous collaborations that developed over the past year including the UA/UMC; UA/GAPSA; and many others. She commended the Ad Hoc Committee on Sweatshop Labor and thanked them for their recommendations and the Code (Almanac March 28). The President also noted the Penn's Affirmative Action Plan has been completed and after it is approved a summary will be posted on the web and will be available in the library.

Provost Robert Barchi announced that nominations are now being accepted for the new Summer Waiver Award Program which had been proposed by the UA. It will allow students on financial aid to forgo the requirement to earn a certain amount over the summer and can take advantage of internships, or research opportunities, for one summer during their college career. The deadline is May 15.

Steering Chair Larry Gross thanked Dr. John Keene for his service to the community in his many roles during the last few years. He also expressed his thanks to the faculty for helping to have a quorum. He noted that next year's Council meetings will be held in Houston Hall's Bodek Lounge.

PPSA Chair Terri White noted that the date of the PPSA election meeting will be Wednesday, May 24. Debra Smiley Koita announced that the A-3 Assembly's new board has already been elected; the new chair is Regina Cantave from ISC. Dr. Phoebe Leboy expressed her thanks to both PPSA and the A-3 Assembly leadership for reinvigorating their organizations as well as Council itself.

Six Council committees reported, some on an interim basis with their work for the year not yet complete.

Almanac, Vol. 46, No. 31, May 2, 2000