Report of the Senate Committee on Administration

(Approved by the Senate Executive Committee April 5, 2000)

March 30, 2000

The charge to the Senate Committee on Administration was received in late December 1999 and the Committee met for the first time on January 27, 2000 and four subsequent times.

The following items were placed on the agenda and the responses and recommendations of the Committee are given below.

Charge 1. Evaluate trends in the allocation of funds between the central administration and the schools.

The Committee examined the budget categories used by the schools to submit their budgets to the central administration. The content of those categories needs exploration in terms of their impact on how they help or hinder the academic objectives of the schools.

The Committee recommends that next year's Committee interview the deans of the schools to assess the role of the budgeting system in setting and achieving their academic policies and priorities and explore with the provost ways to develop and monitor strategic objectives.

Charge 2. Examine the impact of allocating undergraduate financial aid to the costs of the schools and consider alternatives.

The Committee heard from Mike Masch, Executive Director of Budget and Management Analysis, about the general budgeting procedures and the specific means of allocating resources and costs for undergraduate financial aid.

The Committee concluded that the procedures for allocating to the schools the costs of financial aid that are not covered by endowment income are reasonable. The Committee did, however, note that the amount of financial aid supported by endowments is low in comparison to peer institutions.

Charge 3. Evaluate steps taken by the University administration to reduce the deficits of the Health System.

The Committee was represented by its members at a meeting of the Senate Executive Committee and a special meeting of the Faculty Senate that focused on the current financial situation of the Health System. It considered inviting the provost for a focused discussion, but canceled that meeting as the provost and president were scheduled to make presentations in these two meetings.

The Committee recommends that next year's Committee be charged with the task of monitoring the unfinished process of reorganizing the Health System and its impact on the University's academic objectives and programs.

Eugenie L. Birch, City and Regional Planning
Marshall E. Blume, Finance
Louis A. Girifalco, Materials Science and Engineering
Abba M. Krieger, Statistics
Henry Teune, Political Science, Chair
Lorraine Tulman, Nursing
ex officio: Senate Chair Larry Gross, Communication

Almanac, Vol. 46, No. 28, April 11, 2000