Penn Center for AIDS Research

Call for Proposals:

2000 Pilot and Feasibility Grant Program

The Penn Center for AIDS Research (CFAR) seeks pilot project applications to its Developmental Core. Proposals regarding any aspect of HIV/AIDS clinical care, epidemiology, virology, immunology, structural biology, vaccine development, or prevention are considered relevant to the goals of the Developmental Core. The CFAR is particularly interested in proposals that bridge programmatic areas, for example, virology and epidemiology, and in proposals that address areas that are not represented in research already ongoing at the CFAR institutions (Penn, the Wistar Institute, and the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia). Some examples of such potentially underrepresented areas are 1) abnormalities of lipid metabolism associated with the use of protease inhibitors, 2) the use of tetramer technology for the analysis of cellular immune response, and 3) health services research.

Grants range up to $40,000 for one year, and are generally not renewable. Faculty members holding appointments at the CFAR institutions who meet the following requirements are invited to apply:

  • New investigators who have never held extramural support from the NIH.
  • Investigators who have not previously worked in HIV/AIDS.
  • Investigators who have worked in HIV/AIDS who wish to study an area that represents a significant departure from their currently funded work.

Completed proposals are due Monday, April 3, 2000.

To request an application and additional information please see the CFAR web site at, or contact Wendy Marvil, CFAR administrative coordinator, phone: (215) 573-7354 or e-mail:

Almanac, Vol. 46, No. 19, February 1, 2000