Faculty Masters and Fellows for College Houses

Dr. Ivar Berg will step down as Faculty Master of Goldberg College House at the end of this academic year, according to Dr. David Brownlee in the Office of College Houses and Academic Services. Dr. Berg, an eminent sociologist and former Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, has been part of the residential system for many years, serving as the Faculty Fellow in Ware College House in 1984-86 and, starting in 1994, as Head Faculty Resident of Butcher / Speakman / Class of 1928--a position that was transformed into the Faculty Mastership of Goldberg College House when the College House system was launched in 1998. Dr. Berg has been instrumental in establishing the House theme, Public Affairs and Public Culture. He and Associate Master Calli Berg are famous for their weekly seminars and dinners held in their home. The Bergs' lemonade stand, welcoming students and parents during move-in, has become a beloved Quad tradition. "We love the Bergs and will miss them very much," noted Dr. Brownlee. "Working together, they have done more than anyone to transform the entire undergraduate experience at Penn--from classroom and administrative office to College House."

Dr. Brownlee acknowledged the impossibility of replacing the Bergs, but added that bringing new members of the faculty into the Houses is always exciting--especially for students. "The faculty play a powerful role in shaping the House personality. It's wonderful to have a long-term commitment like that of the Bergs', which we cherish, but change is good, too," said Dr. Brownlee. A new Faculty Master in Goldberg will be appointed this spring for the Fall 2000 term, as well as a permanent Faculty Master for Community House.

Expressing gratitude for all who devote their time to College House residency, Dr. Brownlee pointed out four opportunities for Faculty or Senior Fellows. In Gregory College House, Dr. Peter Steiner will be stepping down after an impressive 15 years in the College Houses, and there will also be positions in Du Bois, Spruce, and Ware College Houses where William Franklin, Jonathan Pletcher and Dr. Vivian Gadsden are departing.

Nominations and applications are invited for all positions. For more information, please consult the College House Web site, www.upenn.edu/resliv/chas/staff. Inquiries should be directed to David Fox, associate director, College Houses and Academic Services, 112 Hamilton College House/6180 (dfox@sas.upenn.edu).

Almanac, Vol. 46, No. 17, January 18, 2000