Althea Kratz Hottel, 1907-2000

One of Penn's great pioneers in women's education, Dr. Althea Kratz Hottel, the first Dean of Women, died on January 6 at the age of 92. Dr. Hottel took her B.S. in education at Penn in 1929 and then became a social science teacher in Wilmington. From 1930 until 1933, she worked in the social services department of Graduate Hospital. She returned to Penn for a master's degree in sociology, earning her M.A. in 1934. After serving as dean of instruction at Queen's College in Charlotte, N.C. from 1935-36, she returned to Penn in 1936 as dean of women and an instructor in sociology. In 1940 she earned her Ph.D. in sociology at Penn.

During World War II, Dr. Hottel was the chairman of the Operating Committee of the War Job Information Center for Women in Philadelphia, 1942-46. Dr. Hottel was active in many professional organizations. She was the vice president and then president of the Pennsylvania Association of Deans of Women. She was also actively involved in the National Association of Deans of Women as well as on the board of directors (1938-44) and then president of the Philadelphia Branch of the American Association of University Women, (1944 -1946). As the national president of the AAUW, she led the fight to eliminate racial discrimination in the association. When the Washington branch took a case to court, the national association subsequently lost the case and appeal but at the Seattle Convention in 1949, the association voted 2,168 to 65 to change the national bylaws. Applicants to any branch of the organization would no longer be refused admission for racial, religious or political reasons, as of 1949; all women eligible for admission were to be admitted.

Dr. Hottel served as Dean of Women until her retirement in 1959 at which time The Althea K. Hottel Award was established to honor "intellectual competence, commitment to ideals and principles, and loyalty to the University of Pennsylvania," as the first honors among senior women given on Ivy Day.

The Trustees of the University also honored Dr. Hottel; on June 10, 1959 they conferred an honorary degree of Doctor of Laws, which read:

Thirty years ago, as your undergraduate career at Pennsylvania was drawing to an illustrious close, your professors described you as a leader with excellent judgment. . . possessing a good mind and boundless energy . . .who would be highly successful in whatever held your interest. That this considered judgment has indeed been fulfilled is to be seen in the vast array of distinguished endeavors which have felt your influence.

You are the worthy confidante of countless alumnae of this University, a vigorous advocate of women's useful role throughout society, the ardent foe of social ills in every form, the esteemed colleague of the men who have been exposed to your keen perception, and a harmonizing agent, in the council of the nations. Truly it can be said that there have been many windows in your life and that your native gift for the art of human hospitality has kept you ever in the "living room of life."

Today, your Alma Mater desires to confer upon you a degree for which your service in the broad realm of education has eminently qualified you.

Dr. Hottel served on the Board of Trustees of the University from 1959 until 1969. Dr. Hottel's involvement extended beyond the boundaries of the University: she was also on the boards of Women's Medical College of Pennsylvania, Beaver College, the Baldwin School, the World Affairs Council, the Philadelphia Award and the Metropolitan Y.W.C.A.

She also served as the representative of the United States on the Social Commission of the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations for six years. Dr. Hottel was on the Board of Directors of Philadelphia '76 Inc. and the committee of the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia for a Declaration of Interdependence. She was a member of Phi Beta Kappa and a Fellow of the American Sociological Association.

Among her many honors, she received a Philadelphia Gimbel Award for 1947, a Distinguished Daughter of Pennsylvania in 1949 and a Penn Alumni Award of Merit 1950. She was the author of How Fare American Women? and of articles in numerous journals. She traveled extensively conferring with government, business, industrial, labor, agricultural, educational and civic groups on international problems and has participated in educational and youth conferences in North America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

As chairman of the Committee on Ways and Means for Establishing a Two-Year Community College in Philadelphia, and subsequently as chairman of the Philadelphia Commission on Higher Education, she participated in the establishment of Community College of Philadelphia in 1964 and was one of its first Trustees. Dr. Hottel was a member of the State Board of Education for seven years and the Council of Higher Education of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Dr. Hottel is survived by a brother-in-law, Benjamin F. Hottel, W'31. A memorial service at the Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church as well as one on campus are planned for the spring.

 Death of Marjorie Glise

Marjorie Eliabeth Glise a former long-time administrative assistant to E. Craig Sweeten, Vice President for Development and Public Relations, died on December 16 at age 84. Ms. Glise came to Penn in July 1935 as a stenographer to the Student Aid Office, and moved to Placement Services in January of 1943 as assistant to the director. She became secretary to the Vice President for Development and Public Relations in April 1961 and became administrative assistant in July 1969 where she retired in August of 1981.

Ms. Glise is survived by her sisters Edith M. Morgan, and Edna Long; brother Rev. Dr. Morton Glise. Donations may be made to Woodland Presbyterian Church, 42nd & Pine St., Philadelphia, PA 19103, or to the Class of '37 Fund.

Memorial Resolution

Dr. Ralph Ginsberg, who died this past summer, was a member and co-chair of the WXPN Policy Board. The Policy Board approved the following resolution expressing its appreciation for Ralph Ginsberg's contributions to the Board and to the station. As stated in the resolution, WXPN programming on January 31, 2000 will be dedicated to Dr. Ginsberg.

WXPN Policy Board Resolution Honoring Dr. Ralph Ginsberg

Whereas Dr. Ralph Ginsberg has served as a dedicated member of the WXPN Policy Board for the last three years, has served with distinction as the Policy Board co-chair for the past year and had recently agreed to serve as the Board's sole chair, and

Whereas Dr. Ginsberg's good humor, cooperative spirit, insightful comments, wise counsel and model University citizenship were an inspiration to the WXPN Policy Board, management and staff, and

Whereas Dr. Ginsberg's guidance was particularly helpful in defining a Mission Statement for WXPN that will set the course for the station in the foreseeable future, and his generosity in sharing his considerable expertise in educational theory was of great help to the staff of Kid's Corner and has made a lasting contribution to young listeners to WXPN throughout the region, and

Whereas Dr. Ginsberg's study and understanding of the effect of technology on organizations was of invaluable assistance to station management in coping with significant technological change in the last few years, and

Whereas the WXPN Policy Board, management and staff mourn Dr. Ginsberg's untimely passing,

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the WXPN Policy Board take time to recall Dr. Ginsberg's memory and his contributions to WXPN at the Board's meeting of November 10, 1999, expresses its sincere condolences to Lois Ginsberg and her family, and dedicates WXPN's programming on January 31, 2000 to Dr. Ginsberg and will publicly acknowledge his contributions to WXPN and its listeners.

Unanimously approved, November 10, 1999.

WXPN Policy Board members:

  • Susan Callahan, Public Appointee
  • Virginia Clark, Vice Pres., Development & Alumni Relations
  • Doris Cochran-Fikes, Director, Secondary School Communications
  • Peter Cosenza, Public Appointee
  • Ann Duffield, Public Appointee
  • Mike Eleey, Public Appointee
  • Al Filreis, Faculty Representative
  • Darren Glass, Graduate Student Representative
  • Melinda Jenkins, Faculty Representative
  • Roger LaMay, Public Appointee
  • Bill Lunsford, Public Appointee
  • Rose McManus, Secretary of the University
  • Anthony Minisi, Trustee of the University
  • Leah Popowich, Undergrad Student Rep.
  • Janet Ries Stern, Public Appointee
  • Ralph Rosen, Faculty Representative
  • Kathy Ruyak, Public Appointee
  • Carol Scheman, Vice President for Government & Community Affairs
  • Stephen Steinberg, Exec. Dir., National Commission on Society, Culture & Community
  • Kenneth Wildes, Dir., University Communications

Almanac, Vol. 46, No. 16, January 11, 2000

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