UCD's Neighborhood Rehabilitation Initiative

Building on its programs to improve University City's public environment and quality of life, the University City District (UCD) is launching a new neighborhood rehabilitation initiative this month. This effort will develop programs to facilitate preservation, rehabilitation, and maintenance of University City residential and commercial properties. Such programs are expected to include technical assistance, leveraging of outside organizations' community rehabilitation programs, and promotion of the district's historic residential character.

Diane-Louise (D-L) Wormley, formerly Penn's Managing Director of Community Housing has been hired as Director of Neighborhood Rehabilitation Initiatives for the UCD. She will create and manage programs designed to encourage responsible and economical rehabilitation and renovation of University City commercial and residential properties. Ms. Wormley implemented Penn's highly successful University City home ownership and home improvement programs which was the model for the New Jersey College & University Homebuyers' Program, launched last week by Gov. Christie Whitman.

Ms. Wormley has extensive experience in finance, both for housing and for education. Her community improvement success began with chairing Penn's West Philadelphia Residential Initiative in 1996 and co-chairing its 40th Street Action Team. In addition to her employment experience, Ms. Wormley sits on the board of The Reinvestment Fund of Philadelphia.

"D-L brings to the UCD a passion for University City's continued growth and a set of skills that have brought proven results," said UCD Executive Director Paul Steinke. "We're excited to welcome D-L to the UCD team."

Almanac, Vol. 46, No. 16, January 11, 2000

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