Penn's Way 2000:

Reestablishing the Campus Network

Dear Colleagues,

Over the next few weeks, Penn staff and faculty, through our Penn's Way 2000 Campaign, will once again have the opportunity to continue the tradition of supporting organizations throughout the Delaware Valley in their effort to promote and provide health, human, and educational services for our neighbors in greatest need. Your generosity, as demonstrated in years past, enable a wide variety oforganizations to continue to flourish and aid those less fortunate than ourselves.

This year, in response to the University Council resolution on Penn's Work Place Charitable Campaign, we have begun several initiatives to, over a period of years, reenergize Penn's workplace giving campaign. The Center for Responsible Funding and the United Way are being given equal status in the Campaign. In addition, we have formed a Penn's Way Advisory Committee with broad representation and are working to re-establish a network of trained volunteers throughout the schools and centers to reach out to colleagues.

One pledge form and a confidential return envelope has been sent to you from Penn's Way 2000, along with brochures from United Way and the Center for Responsible Funding. Please take a few moments to learn about the Penn's Way Campaign. We hope that you will also find at least one organization whose work is especially meaningful, and that you will make this group the target of your generosity. Should you need additional information regarding how to complete the form, please contact your campaign coordinator or call (215) 898-1733.

Thanks for your consideration and for everything that you do to make Penn, the City of Philadelphia and its surrounding counties places of opportunity and promise for us all.


Judith Rodin, President
Larry Gross,
Penn's Way Co-Chair,
Faculty Senate Chair-Elect
Carol R. Scheman,
Penn's Way Co-Chair,
Vice President for Government, Community and Public Affairs

 Welcome to Penn's Way 2000.

This year's campaign will run from November 1 through December 31, 1999. With your help, we can meet this year's goal of $300,000!

Each school and center has at least one designated campaign coordinator as the main point of contact. Some of the larger schools and multi-tiered center's coordinators are enlisting facilitators to ensure personal outreach to every employee. Please check with your coordinator about this, any other questions about the campaign, or to volunteer to be a facilitator.

Weekly raffles will be held to show appreciation to participants in the campaign. The earlier you return your pledge card to your coordinator, their designated facilitator, or the Payroll Department, the greater your chances of success in the raffle.

Please help spread the word about the importance of a successful Penn's Way.

Penn's Way 2000 Advisory Committee


  • Ms. Carol Scheman, Vice President for Government, Community and Public Affairs
  • Dr. Larry Gross, Sol Worth Professor, The Annenberg School for Communication; Faculty Senate Chair-Elect


  • Ms. Bonnie Motley Bowser, Human Resources, Medical School
  • Mr. Glenn Bryan, Community & City Relations
  • Ms. Trish DiPietrae, School of Veterinary Medicine
  • Rev. William C. Gipson, University Chaplain
  • Dr. David Hackney, School of Medicine
  • Mr. Jack Heuer, Human Resources
  • Ms. Phyllis Holtzman, University Relations
  • Ms. Terry Lafferty, Comptroller's Office; Association of Business Administrators
  • Ms. Rita McGlone, Wharton School, Aresty Institute
  • Mr. Larry Moneta, Campus Services
  • Ms. Nancy Nowicki, Office of the Provost
  • Mr. Lee Nunery, Business Services
  • Ms. Ellen Peskin, School of Medicine
  • Ms. Maureen Rush, Public Safety
  • Dr. Vivian Seltzer, School of Social Work
  • Ms. Debra Smiley Koita, Career Services; A-3 Assembly
  • Mr. Duncan Van Dusen, Health System
  • Ms. Terri White, Academic Support Programs; Penn Professional Staff Assembly,


  • Ms. Carol de Fries, Executive Director, Office of Government, Community, and Public Affairs
  • Ms. Barbara Murray, Manager, Financial Training
  • Ms. Joan Chrestay, Penn's Way Campaign Coordinator

Penn's Way 2000 Coordinators
School/Center Coordinator
Annenberg School for Communication Ms. Donna L. Burdumy
Business Services Ms. Marie D. Witt
Center for Technology Transfer Ms. Jackie Miraglia
Development and Alumni Relations Mr. Jonathan Petty
Development and Alumni Relations Ms. Elizabeth Griffin
Director of Libraries Mr. Robert Eash
Division of Public Safety Ms. Florence Griffin
Graduate School of Education Ms. Anne Martens
Graduate School of Fine Arts Mr. Christopher Cataldo
Information Systems and Computing Ms. Margaret Hagan Smith
Intercollegiate Athletics Mr. James Mesisca
Law School Ms. Rae L. DiBlasi
Office of the Executive Vice President Ms. Taylor Berkowitz
Office of the General Counsel Ms. Sherry Lemonick
Office of the General Counsel Mr. Roman Petyk
Office of the President Mr. Steven Gagne
Office of the Provost Ms. Bonnie C. Gibson
Office of the VP for Facilities Services Ms. Suzanne Kho
Office of the VP for Finance Mr. David Valentine
School of Arts and Sciences Mr. Saul Katzman
School of Arts and Sciences Dr. Walter Licht
School of Dental Medicine Dr. James F. Galbally
School of Engineering & Applied Science Dr. Portonovo S. Ayyaswamy
School of Engineering & Applied Science Mr. Joseph Sun
School of Medicine Mr. James A. Moran
School of Nursing Mr. Thomas Cahill
School of Social Work Ms. Brenda Ford
School of Veterinary Medicine Ms. Trish A. DiPietrae
School of Veterinary Medicine Dr. Barry Stupine
University Museum Mr. Joseph Sivick
University Relations Ms. Ellen Morawetz
Vice Provost For University Life Ms. Patricia Ravenell
Vice Provost For University Life Ms. Patricia Rose
Wharton School Ms. Robin Hartley
Wharton School Mr. Peter Shoudy

Almanac, Vol. 46, No. 9, October 26, 1999