Almanac: Marguerite Miller

I am very pleased to report that President Rodin announced, with delight, to the Senate Executive Committee on September 8 that she had chosen Marguerite Miller to be the new Editor of Almanac, effective November 1, when Karen Gaines is to retire. The search committee (Almanac May 11) advertised the position nationally and received over sixty applications, many from highly qualified candidates. We interviewed eight of them, three internal and five external, and sent the names and summaries of three, of whom Marguerite was the recommended choice, to the President.

Marguerite has been with Almanac for nineteen years, and Associate Editor since 1986. As well as participating in the editing and layout of each issue, she has had primary responsibility for a number of regular features, special items and inserts, and has brought out complete issues when Karen Gaines has been absent (most recently January 12 of this year). She has also contributed to University life and governance, including having served as Secretary of the A-1 Assembly (now PPSA).

President Rodin mentioned in her announcement that, as well as her depth of experience, Marguerite brings a blend of exciting ideas on guiding the necessary evolution of Almanac together with a strong commitment to maintain its traditional values of independence and integrity and its central role in the life of the University. I heartily concur and am confident that you will join me in welcoming Marguerite as Editor-Designate, and will cooperate in her smooth transition to the helm, perhaps temporarily short-staffed as she seeks to fill her own former position.

As we look forward to a new era, we also celebrate the former one. For twenty-five of its twenty-eight years in its current form Karen Gaines and Almanac have been synonymous. Karen established its values and developed its role. Now is the time to express our thanks and wish her well in her new life.

--Martin Pring, Chair, Almanac Advisory Board

Almanac, Vol. 46, No. 3, September 14, 1999