Volunteer Opportunities in April

Dear Penn Community,

The following is a list of the monthly posting of community service opportunities. As many of you know, each month, Penn Volunteers In Public Service (Penn VIPS) posts a list of volunteer opportunities. These opportunities are developed from the many requests we get from the surrounding community for assistance.

During the month of March, Penn VIPS undertook a penny drive to benefit the Kelly Anne Dolan Foundation. We are in the process of counting the donations and will let you know the total collected in May. Thanks for your support of this venture.

If you would like to volunteer for any of the following programs, please let me know via e-mail, sammapp@pobox.upenn.edu

--Isabel Sampson-Mapp, Associate Director, Faculty, Staff and Alumni Volunteer Services, Director, Penn Volunteers In Public Service, Center for Community Partnerships

Used Bicycle Drive: April 15-April 29. Bring in your used bicycles and donate them to the Mill Creek Bicycle Brigade. Neighborhood children will clean/repair the bikes and share them with their neighbors. Please drop off bikes at: Mellon Bank Building, 133 South 36th Street, 5th floor, Room 504 or 519. Please call 898-2020 if you need assistance.

Adopt-A-Daughter on 'Take Your Daughters To Work Day': Thursday, April 22. One to One and the Greater Philadelphia Mentoring Partnership are looking for volunteers to host/adopt 9th-12th grade girls on "Take Your Daughters To Work Day." Over 700 Philadelphia female students have registered to participate in this program. The girls come from households that for many reasons are unable to provide them with this type of experience. A small number of the students are in the Elect Program, a program that is designed to prepare pregnant high school girls for the world of work. Students will meet mentors on campus around 9:30 a.m. and will be dismissed around 3 p.m.

Volunteer Opportunity at the Paul Robeson House: Are you familiar with Peachtree Accounting? Would you be willing to help the Paul Robeson House by providing some technical assistance? Volunteers are asked to train staff so that they can take over the functions of accounts payable/receivable and recording grant activities. Volunteer at your convenience.

May Preview

The Children's International Festival at Annenberg: May 5-May 9. Needed: ushers, gift shop workers, information booth attendants, performer's lounge attendants, operations & technical support, ticket takers. This year's fabulously fun event is your opportunity to volunteer just 3 hours of your time. By doing so, you will help bring joy, excitement and creativity into the lives of children and their parents. Volunteers and their family receive free invitations to be guests for the Festival's Opening Party on Wednesday, May 5. Contact Isabel Sampson-Mapp before April 23, for further information.

May Work Clothing Drive: Collect your used suits, shirts, ties, and blouses in good condition and donate them to help members of the West Philadelphia community that are entering the work-force.

Almanac, Vol. 45, No. 28, April 13, 1999