Arrest of Suspect in Center City Rape of Student

Philadelphia Police have arrested a 34-year-old man in Thursday's rape of a Penn student in her Center City apartment near 20th and Walnut.

Based on fingerprint evidence at the scene, where the intruder entered the first-floor apartment through a window, the police identified a man named Marvin Johnson from their records of prior convictions but said that he does not have a prior record of sexual offenses.

Police attributed the speed of Sunday's arrest in part to the assignment of a large team to the case, in their continuing effort to find the intruder who strangled Wharton Doctoral Candidate Shannon Schieber last May in her apartment near 23rd and Spruce. Although DNA evidence ruled out Mr. Johnson in the Schieber case, the full-scale effort--with ten investigators tracing some 50 leads--produced results within two-and-a-half-days. A stolen credit card also helped narrow the search. Police also praised the cooperation of the victim, who was treated and released at Thomas Jefferson Hospital.

Federal/State Crime Report: April 20 in Print, Earlier on Web

The 1997-98 edition of the University's mandated annual statistical report on crime is expected for publication in Almanac on April 20. The report is to be placed on the web upon release, prior to its print publication.--Ed.

Alcohol Update: FIJI Forfeits its Charter, SAM is Suspended

As the University's new Working Group on Alcohol Abuse continues to meet (click here for more), two fraternity houses are now in new status, as announced by Fraternity/Sorority Affairs Director Scott Reikofski (see statements, here).

Phi Gamma Delta (FIJI), where 26-year-old alumnus Michael Tobin died in a fall after a party, has forfeited its charter. The future of the University-owned house at 3619 Locust Walk is under discussion, Mr. Reikofski said separately.

Sigma Alpha Mu, the fraternity at 3817 Walnut Street, is on temporary suspension during investigation into charges that it violated both a dry rush agreement and the antihazing policy.

Almanac, Vol. 45, No. 28, April 13, 1999