From ISC: Networking Service and Rate Changes for FY 2000

On July 1, 1999, several networking service and rate changes will go into effect. These changes are a result of recommendations made by the Network Planning Task Force (, the cross-campus team that meets to discuss and resolve issues surrounding the planning and funding of PennNet.

Information Systems and Computing (ISC) is making the following networking service and rate changes based on the Network Planning Task Force's recommendations:

  • On July 1, 1999, ISC will discontinue asynchronous desktop connections.
  • E-mail accounts on Dolphin are no longer supported by the ResNet construction budget and so Schools and centers who rely on this service will be billed $17 per account per year. It will be up to the Schools and centers to determine whether to pass these charges on to end users.
  • 10Base2 monthly connection rates will increase from $26 to $30. Users are encouraged to switch from 10Base2 to 10Base-T connections through ISC's conversion program (
  • 10Base-T monthly connection rates will decrease from $19.25 to $16.45. The table below shows a breakdown of the monthly fees for a 10Base-T connection in FY 1999 and FY 2000.

ISC-Maintained 10Base-T Connection Fee (Monthly)

Fee Components

FY 1999

FY 2000

Central Service Fee $11.50 $10.70
Cost of operating the central electronic infrastructure, including planning, capital for central electronics, operation and maintenance.
Connection Maintenance Fee $4.15 $3.15
Cost of keeping a port operational, including costs associated with customer service.
Port Rental Fee $3.60 $2.60
Cost of renting one 10Base-T connection.

Total Monthly Fee

$19.25 $16.45

Changes to the Central Service Fee

IP addresses are the basis for central service charges. In the past, many kinds of IP addresses were not billed. ISC, with the help of the Network Planning Task Force, is moving towards billing all IP addresses equally. Following are three changes for FY 2000:

  • There will be central service fee charges for the use of networked printers.
  • Classrooms connected to the network will pay central service fees, but central pool classrooms will not be charged.
  • Central service fees will be charged for non-public network connections. No central service fees will be charged for public lab, library and kiosk connections. However, connection maintenance fees and port rental fees are applicable.

Central service fees for FY 2000 are as follows:

  • For ISC-maintained connections, IP addresses will cost $10.70 per month per connection.
  • For locally-maintained connections, IP addresses will cost $8.94 per month per connection.
  • A 5% discount will be given to any department using a single budget code to pay for more than 99 connections.

For more information, please call (215) 898-1319 or send e-mail to

Almanac, Vol. 45, No. 27, April 6, 1999